I'm Pretty Excited For the Basco Battle

Henshin Grid provided some very exciting screen shots that could point out to a thrilling drama.  Here are some things that would be a good twist:

Captain Marvelous is injured.  Oh my.  How are they going to recover?  I pretty expect a thriller to that.  This fight is pretty personal considering the two had a past.

Basco laughs disturbingly as he gets control of the Gokai Galleon.  I wonder if any Sentai seniors will show up to help in the battle.  I guess this will monsterize him and I hope the writers monsterize him so much we'd say yeah after he dies.  So one episode isn't enough to cover the awesome evilness of Basco. Two parter is more like it and I hope he dies an epic death.

So Sally has defected from Basco or is it?  Apparently nobody wants to be the pet of a SOB like Basco. Basco's just been monsterized all the more and I'm loving it.

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