Kipi Cosplay as Demonbane Character AL Azif

Kipi Cosplay as Demonbane Character AL Azif Grimoire, another Kipi Cosplay Photo as AL Azif, ya i already post her cosplay photo as Al Azif before which u can find here, actually i was not post all Kipi cosplay photo before i just post of some sweeties Kipi cosplay in that post, but here i got some of the rest her cosplay photo which i think its taken at same moment with before, after saw kipi cosplaying as Al Azif i decide to try this game on my PC and ummm i think i like this game though i rather play Modern Warfare 3 on my PC XD, in this Demonbane game Al Azif is one of the main character and playble character, Al azif is a Original copy of the Necromonicon, and she is the most powerful grimoire in existence, altahough al azif is a  strongest Grimoire but she has cute girl appearance, and one of the most i love from this character is her costume the with dress with a red ribbon which i think that was match color for a cute girl character like her.

Kipi Cosplay as Demonbane Character Al Azif Gallery 

Another Kipi cosplay photo, actually in this Kipi Cosplay as Demonbane Character AL Azif there is another cosplayer who cosplaying as Kurou Daijūji, he is main character on this Demonbane game, in this game Kurou Daijūji always become a poor guys but lucky (i mean in this game there is always a silly incident that happened to Kurou Daijūji, such as when AL azif fell override Kurou Daijūji head with the buttocks just above the Kurou Daijūji head), and that just happened too in this Kipi Cosplay as Demonbane Character AL Azif, i think that guys seem enjoying that moment when kipi sitting on his back XD, i think this Kipi Cosplay as Demonbane Character AL Azif has been taken when they was on some confest or something like that, but there is many cosplayer too in there, but i dont know whos the cosplayer who cosplaying as Kurou, but they both seem fit enough as the character they cosplaying, i got this Kipi Cosplay as Demonbane Character AL Azif from, sweet Kipi Cosplay.

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