Noboru Sugimura's Contributions to Super Sentai

Noboru Sugimara is what I'd call him the writer that gave most of the Zordon arc its footage.  Well it's time to discuss his contributions from Zyuranger to Kakuranger:

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger- Noboru Sugimara rather than use the typical average civilian to soldier type used warriors from a million years ago to be his rangers.  This was the first to introduce far better animal-based mecha, dinosaur theme (which was later used in Abaranger) and the very first regular sixth ranger in Burai.  Also the mecha combinations were kind of different as it allowed the sixth mecha to assemble in different ways too.  The kid of the week wasn't a very good idea for some.

Gosei Sentai Dairanger- Perhaps his greatest artwork, I give credit to this being the most action filled, first really martial arts themed, mystical creature based Sentai as well as so much of a great character development.  I honestly think that Kou should never be bashed and be given credit for being the first kid ranger below thirteen, a concept that's not used after Dairanger but who knows it will come back someday. Mecha-wise, the show's mecha is just AMAZING with its new concepts, new powers.  I got to admit that the show's villains were what I'd call interesting at best especially how tragic the Gorma can get. Also I got to admit he did the right choice with having Toshiki Inoue with the whole Jin arc as it fit so well.  I got to admit though I just LOVE his contribution of Daijinryuu as well.

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger- This is where he got creative to the point of making a ninja Sentai battling more Japanese-based Youkai than generic ones.  I got to admit it may not be as great as Dairanger but it did show the 90s type of children being rebellious and all.  I like the idea of having a female ranger in Tsurihime despite her being the youngest.  Having two sets of combining mecha was another which one was composed of five humanoid robots combining into one.  Well being the first more Japan theme Sentai makes it interesting as well.  This show also introduced the extra hero concept in Ninjaman which he also used in Ohranger in the form of Gunmajin.

Choriki Sentai Ohranger- Okay looks like there's not much to add due to the shape visors was not original the military theme was already from Changeman but it was somewhat "revolutionized".  I'd like to say that the concept of an enemy group that composes of a family is pretty interesting namely a father, a mother, a son and a butler is a good idea.  Because of the sarin gas attack, he had to tone down the writing which some dared to say Sentai was nearly cancelled by this show.  Despite criticisms, I think this is a decent season.  A crossover was also made with Kakuranger for some reason.

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