Toshiki Inoue's Contribution to Sentai

Toshiki Inoue- perhaps the man that revolutionized Sentai drama and themes.  Yes?  In my opinion he is.  Actually I got to admit that Jetman indeed was a great season (save the rather mix of bad-ass and sudden shock to Gai's death after he saved a woman's purse from a thug) which I would like to give this guy my kudos.  So where do I start?

Okay I got to admit he was involved with Flashman as a part of making a great series better.  However Maskman was where he actually created a supposedly sixth ranger and a senior ranger (much like Burai in Zyuranger and Hyuuga in Gingaman).  He would later write for Fiveman

Jetman- AAAHHH!  I got to admit I'm still overrating this series because it's so good.  So what did Jetman really revolutionize?  More drama, character development and a healthy dose of action.  In fact, I felt like Gai Yuki redefined the group rebel for an entire season who dies in not a very heroic way which led me to believe he wrote Naoto Takizawa's death but he didn't LOL.  Also the creation of the survived after defecting type to good type of monster Dryer Jigen could have been the inspiration of Yatsudenwani in Abaranger and Atukagami in Boukenger.  Also the love triangle between Red Hawk and Black Condor seems to be part of the contribution list which I want to see more in Sentai.  Oh yeah, best contribution?  Radiguet as the the biggest SOB ever, so cruel I even thought he created Shaddam and Long!

However most of his works ended up focusing on Kamen Rider namely Agito, 555 and the head writer.  He was also the co-author in the Kamen Rider seasons namely Ryuki, Hibiki, Kabuto and Decade.  Too bad though, he didn't really contribute more ideas.

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