Naruto Cosplay Photo by Sakura Rabbit

Naruto Cosplay Photo by Sakura Rabbit as the one of the Survivor of Uzumaki Clan, Karin, ya i thing Karin is the only one of Uzumaki clan after whole clan destroyed when Ninja world war III, Karin has Red hair (all Uzumaki has red hair) with amazing self healing ability beside that Uzumaki clan has specialize on provide powerfull Sealing technique who made their enemy fear with them, because of her abillity orochimaru karin as his subordinate and made her his Experiment to take his abillity but before Orochimaru finish his researh Sasuke already kill orochimaru and take Karin to his new team called Taka, they has almost same cloak with Akatsuki but bit different on color and design, Beisde that Karin is Sensor Type Ninja who can detect someone cakra from far distance or even hide her own cakra from being detected.

Naruto Cosplay Photo by Sakura Rabbit Gallery

Well Another Cool cosplay photo as Naruto Character Karin, this time i got Naruto cosplay by Sakura Rabbit, when i saw this Karin Cosplay photo by Sakura i though this is one of the most fitting Karin cosplay ever i seen though i dont really like her hair ^^ because that seem unatural (well its hard to get hair like karin :D i think so), in this Naruto Cosplay there is two version of Karin cosplay photo, the first one is Karin when he Join Sasuke's Team Taka and the second one is Karin with her original Cloth in Naruto Shipunden Anime series, and i like the first one, at the first one Sakura seem really fit as Karin with that photograph angle and the background of the big tree ^^, beside that i love her hair and that glass Sakura seem very sweet with that stuff, well i got this Naruto Cosplay Photo by Sakura Rabbit from her Worldcosplay Page, sweet Karin cosplay.  

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