Popular Baby Halloween Costumes for 2010

Although Halloween is not celebrated as an official event in most parts of the world but it is one of the most entertaining events in the world as everyone gets a chance to get rid of their hectic life schedules for a day and live the moments that that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. You have to admit one thing and that is kids are the one who enjoy every moment of life and they juts simply cannot let go a chance of having fun at Halloween. What can add to your young one’s Halloween entertainment are baby Halloween costumes. Good and unique baby Halloween costumes can made them look even more cute and unique. Here in this article some of the most popular baby Halloween costumes are discussed.

Pokémon Pikachu Costume

Monkey suit has been a one of all time favorites as it brings out the naughty part inside any kid. Your kid is ought to look special in this amazing costume. Baby peapod is one another popular costume that most of the times designed by the parents at home. This dress will make your kid even more cute and special. If your little one is a football fan or is you a football fan then baby football Halloween costume is just the right choice for you baby. It is just a perfect piece of costume for your new born football star that not only just looks extravagant but also very comfortable as it is designed with a very soft material and gives you an easy diaper access that makes it perfect for your young football player.

There would not be a single kid in the world that have not been called as the little devil in some point of his life and right now if you are feeling same about your star then there is no other costume which is more suited to your young one then the Rosemary’s baby Halloween costume. This costume which is inspired by the 1968 classic thriller movie Rosemary’s baby is perfect for you 12-18 months old kid.

There are also many other costumes like little peanut Halloween costume, baby parents Halloween costume, the wonder bread baby Halloween costume, froggie Halloween costume, baby Hershey Halloween costume, and baby Ronald McDonald Halloween costumes that are just the perfect choices for your young ones. Visit milanoo.com as it has a wide variety of Halloween baby costumes.

Selena Gomez Going to be Katy Perry this Halloween

Selena Gomez has been a popular singer all over the world, but there is still someone that she admires. And actually, she will give the ultimate compliment by dressing up as her idol-Katy Perry.
Selena Gomez

I’m going to be Katy Perry for Halloween. I’m going to have the blue hair and the ice cream outfit she did. It’s going to be awesome.”

Selena worked with Katy begore as the "California Gurls" singer helped out with a song on the new "Year Without Rain" album. She is also currently been the talk of TV stations around the world for her controversial "Sesame Street" sketch that was pulled before even airing.

How to Choose the Right Sexy Halloween Costumes

The Halloween is approaching and a lot of people are busy in preparing for the big moment of the year. Of course, one thing everyone needs to prepare is the costume. For a lot of girls, sexy Halloween costumes apparently are their first choices. But how to make the perfect choices when it comes to costume shopping? Here in this article we will show you some tips to help you through.

First, make sure that the costume is in style. You can always get some great ideas by searching for “2010 halloween costume ideas” in google. For example, according to http://www.halloweencostumesbest.com, some of the popular costumes for 2010 include: Avatar costumes, Alice in Wonderland halloween costumes, Harry Potter costumes, Iron Man 2 costumes and so on. Personally, I have a special favor to Alice in Wonderland costumes as they look sexy, appealing and romantic, a good choice to make a hit in the Halloween party. 

Now, after you’ve made your choices on the costume you want, you need to make sure that the costume will compliment your body silhouette. This step requires a good understanding of yourself. You need to know your advantages of your figure and try costumes that could highlight that part and get people’s attention.

The last thing is to get the costumes home by either shopping online or from the local mall. This is all based on your budget. Normally, shopping in a local store will cost more than shopping online. If you want to save for this Halloween, then give online shopping a try. Just remember to shop from a reliable online seller and order the correct size for your costume.

To get started, visit this reliable Halloween costume store here to see a wide range of selections you can choose from.


Top 5 Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Whether you have read the book or watched the movie of Alice in Wonderland, I'm pretty sure a person nevertheless possess a powerful impact from the various characters within the tale of this kind of as Mad Matter and also Queen of Hearts. So why wouldn't you dress up as one of the characters from the fantasy tales? There are a great deal of costume ideas for both the children and the adults right from Alice in Adventure.

In truth, several well know characters from Alice in Wonderland have more than one costumes. This means that if you want to dress as a certain character, there will be a great amount of ideas for you to select from. In order to help you make the best choice, here belows are top 5 Halloween costume ideas for your reference.

Alice in Wonderland The Mad Hatter Costume

This sort of character has turn out to be getting a terrific strike utilizing the market. Consequently, a person possess a few Mad Hatter costumes to pick coming from for that 2010 Halloween party. This may almost certainly turn out to be the most well-known costume in this year!

Alice in Wonderland Alice Costume

We don't have to be a small girl to dress up as Alice, the main character of the tale, merely because within of the film, Alice came back towards the Wonderland when the lady was nineteen. She appears just comparable to some proper small princess and also you could look amazingly stylish on this sort of Alice’s costume that is additionally quick turning out to be a fantastic hit among the costume buyers.

Alice in Wonderland The Cheshire ferret Costume
The Cheshire ferret costume will be amazingly proper for people who's extremely fun.

Alice in Wonderland The White Rabbit Costume

Keep in mind the white rabbit which introduced Alice to the hole, which helped to start the girl's adventure in Wonderland? This costume is very cute and most important of all, very cost-effective. After Halloween parties, you could wear it for a lot of occasions like Christmas celebration and Easter fancy attire celebration as well. 

Alice in Wonderland The Queen Of Hearts Costume

Perhaps you would would rather look poor this Halloween night? In case hence, you are able to think about a costume in the Queen of Hearts simply because you will find numerous variants you are able to select through along with several are usually even extremely sexy searching! Mainly, you’ll be capable to help discover possibly red, black or white costumes regarding this Queen character which means you could make your own choose.

End up being innovative this forthcoming 2010 Halloween and attire upward in some thing that you’ve in no way believed of, this kind of since placing upon a good Alice In Wonderland costumes. A person might actually want to possess everybody within the loved ones attire up like a various character in the tale! Which will certainly provide lots of interest from Halloween!

The Most Expensive Cosplay Costume

A Renoite spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours building a costume for a Seattle video games convention

Vance Dehne walks into the Washington Trade & Convention Center wearing his $2,000 custom suit. All eyes in the massive building immediately gravitate toward him. He stands there in his cobalt-colored suit, only 5-feet-8-inches, yet appearing to tower over all others. Convention attendees rush the entrance to get a closer view of the new arrival. Many instinctively reach for their cameras and begin snapping pictures. The white flashes are blinding, making it impossible for Dehne to travel any farther.

After about five minutes of non-stop photography, the building security asks Dehne and the crowd that has formed around him to move. Their formation is blocking the entrance to the hall. With the assistance of friends, Dehne is able to make it up three escalators to a relatively empty space. The crowd has followed them up the escalator and continues to take pictures. It takes another five minutes before the crowd finally disperses and he is able to move again.

“It’s going to be like this all day,” says Dehne.

At the Penny Arcade Expo, Sept. 3-5, Dehne and his friends receive this sort of rock star treatment non-stop. Within minutes of one crowd leaving, another seems to arrive. He’s congenial enough to pose for all of them, yet really wants to play some games. After all, that’s what he’s come here to do. But cosplaying (costume playing) as a Spartan from the Halo series, this is almost impossible. He stands out too much.

The Penny Arcade Expo, or PAX for short, is a twice-yearly gaming convention that takes place on both sides of the country. Tens of thousands of gamers from all over the world flock to downtown Seattle, Wash., to play the hundreds of games displayed on all six floors of the colossal building. Much like what Comic Con does for comics and sci-fi fans, PAX does for video, card and tabletop gamers.

The costume

Twenty-four-year-old Reno resident Dehne spent months preparing for this convention. His suit required five months of meticulous craftsmanship to build.

“The armor was a little easier to build this year,” says Dehne. “I had the experience of doing the same thing last year, so I kind of knew what to expect this time around.”

At last year’s PAX, Dehne also cosplayed as a Spartan. He said the experience was well worth all the money and time put into his costume. To make the armor, which weighs more than 60 pounds, he had to start from scratch.

The first stage of assembly was sketching 20 individual armor pieces on specialized paper, which act as the foundation for the molds. Each mold is constructed from the shape the paper is formed into. Next, slush casts consisting of Bondo and resin fill these molds. The material solidifies, becoming the pieces of armor. The armor is then buffed and painted to create the final product.

Half the money Dehne spent last year went toward startup costs, such as buying the sander and rotary tools used during this process. This year’s armor cost less to assemble, as he already had the tools.

“One of the hardest parts is just getting the pieces to stay together,” says Dehne. “I use everything from micro-fiber webbing to Velcro to keep it all in one piece. Last year, my armor slowly came apart as I was walking around the convention.”

Dehne still experienced the same problem this year, but on a reduced level. He thanks his friends for helping him keep his costume together—or even move.

“The whole [thing] was chaos,” says Will Smathers, one of Dehne’s friends. “His movement and hearing is reduced when he’s in [the armor], so we have to take him by the arm and guide him along.”

What is cosplay?

What differentiates cosplay from a regular Halloween costume is how the cosplayer acts while in costume. Ideally, the cosplayer takes on the personality of the character they portray, essentially personifying the fictional character.

For example, it is not enough for a person to dress as Super Mario, he must also jump around, speak with an Italian accent, and act chivalrous. Sometimes the performances can get cheesy, but therein lies the charm of cosplay.

For Dehne, the Spartan character he portrays is an elite soldier, a no-nonsense fighter who makes only deliberate movements with his statuesque body. As much as he can, given the constraints of his costume, he flawlessly performs this act. Only when he needs to walk long distances does he require assistance.

PAX is not known like Comic Con is for its number of cosplayers, yet hundreds of cosplayers attended the event. The trend of cosplay itself has grown exponentially in the past decade, with entire websites dedicated to discussing and exhibiting various costumes.

Cosplayers at PAX this year consisted of very recognizable faces, such as Mario and Princess Peach, to more obscure characters such as Rachel and Hazama from BlazBlue. Even original characters and costumes were accepted by fellow gamers.
Why cosplay?

A question Dehne often gets is why he would spend several thousand dollars to dress as a fictional character for a couple of days.

“It’s for the experience,” he says. “So many folks realize that my armor is completely custom-made and compliment the craftsmanship. Even the employees at Bungie themselves [the company that makes Halo] took pics with me and posted them on Facebook. That kind of recognition is almost unreal.”

“The reason I cosplay is to use my creativity and skills to create a costume that can be eye-catching and gets the attention of people for either entertainment or curiosity,” says Melissa Franklin, one of Dehne’s friends.

Franklin cosplayed as Street Fighter’s Juri Friday and Saturday at PAX. On Sunday, she and her friend Karley Pennock cosplayed as Pokemon’s Plusle and Minun.

“The reason I cosplayed Juri is because when that game was announced I was intrigued by [her] design, and her attitude was unique,” says Franklin. “I was sold.”

How to cosplay

Many people get intimidated when wanting to cosplay for the first time. Indeed, when one sees someone like Dehne walking down the convention hall wearing an expensive costume, they may become dispirited. Fret not. One needn’t spend a lot of money to cosplay. In fact, I cosplayed for the first time at PAX while writing this story.

The character I dressed up as was Nick from Left 4 Dead 2, and the costume took only a day to design. All items were purchased at Savers and consisted of this:

White suit jacket: $2.99

White women’s dress pants: $6.99

Blue collared shirt: $3.99

Shoes: pre-owned

Fake blood: $1.99

Ninja sword: $2.99

Dirt outside hotel: free

Total Cost: $18.95

All I had to do was act surly and hunt down any zombies within an earshot, something I do anyway. The majority of the day was spent in character. I only halted the performance when buying food, so as not to get punched by the restaurant cashier. It was fun, and I’ll try it again in the future.

Others looking to start cosplaying can consult such websites as cosplay.com, which has thousands of members willing to help beginners on their forums. Also, the expos themselves are full of friendly people with similar interests.

“PAX and other expos give you the freedom to be whoever you want in a friendly environment and other like-minded people,” says cosplayer Will Smathers. “You can just let loose and not get looked at negatively.”

The Best Team Rocket Cosplay Photos

Best Team Rockt Cosplay
When I surf the internet, I came across a few Team Rocket cosplay photos which are really great. So I decided to post some here to share with everyone. Of course, if you would like to check more awesome team rocket cosplay photos, please click here

Best Team Rocket Cosplay Photos
Team Rocket Cosplay Pictures
If you want to cosplay as Team Rocket from Pokemon and need costumes for your self, you can try milanoo. They have the Team Rocket costumes available at affordable prices.
Team Rocket James Costumes $76.99

Halloween Costume Ideas for Cosplayers

Halloween is around the corner and this is definetely another good chance for all the cosplay lovers to show themselves. So what will you prepare for this year's Halloween costumes? Personally, I would recommend something that you could not only wear in holidays, but also appropriate for occasional cosplay shows. Here are some of my ideas for this year. If you have any better idea, welcome to share with me.

Queen of Hearts Costume from Alice in Wonderland - Alice in Wonderland is extremely popular this year and I am sure every girl want to have a magical adventure just like Alice. Among the vast Alice in Wonderland costumes, I have a special favor to queen of hearts costume. It has a very sexy design, with a stand collar and a nice red bow. Sexy sweetheart neckline with pretty heart prints. It has a lovely marabou trimming at the hemlines. This costume will transform you to the sexy queen of hearts just the same as the character from Alice in Wonderland. And the best part is it's very easy to wear.
Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Costume

Pirates of the Caribbean Costume
For gentlemans, cosplaying Alice is apparently not a good idea. How about the handsome and brave Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean? Though costumes for Jack Sparrow is not fancy enough, it will certainly make you a hit in the Halloween Parties!