Neo Empire & Nth Gen Interactive Presents: Revolution 3rd & 4th December

Saw this posted up on NeoEmpire's forums a couple of days ago but didn't have the time to post up here about it. Yet another KOFXIII tournament has been announced, which will be held over the weekend of the 3rd/4th Dec, at the London Gaming Con.

Check out the thread on NeoEmpire's forums for more details.

Trouble Witches NEO! - XBox Live - Deal Of The Week

Saw this over on DigitalSpy.

Trouble Witches NEO! is currently on sale at 400MS (normal price 800MS), which is incredibly good value, as part of Xbox Live's Deal of the Week.

I'm not sure exactly when the deal runs out but for that price i'd recommend picking it up, i've done a short write up about it in the past and just to note the game has actually had some good reviews in magazines and on other websites.

Check it out on

Real Bout 2 - TRF 5v5 Tournament / KOF02UM - VERSUS

Youtube user linnesaka has uploaded a set of videos from a 5 on 5 tournament held at TRF earlier this month.

Because he normally disables embedding videos i've just included the links to the three videos instead.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Also uploaded a couple of days ago by SMOAI2010 are the latest set of videos from VERSUS featuring 02UM as usual.



KOFXIII - Worldwide Release Dates Pushed Back

As i mentioned a couple of posts ago the release date for the PAL version of KOFXIII had been confirmed as being at some time in November by Rising Star Games instead of the originally speculated date of the end of October (as shown on Amazon, etc).

Last night i received an e-mail from Atlus (with the below video) which also confirmed a delay in the US version of the game, pushed back to November 22nd.

Furthermore the Japanese release date for October has now also been delayed according to the Official KOFXIII blog.

A quick Google translate comes up with this:

Hello everybody!
Before tomorrow's scheduled updates to our fans who are looking forward now unfortunately have to tell the news.
Customers to deliver better quality, "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII" We decided to postpone the October 27 release of 2011.
To provide our guests with quality game play is to convince everyone, because 頑張Rimasu continued support would be appreciated in the future.
Want to go out and continue to release information in this blog.
Release date confirmed, etc., I would like to convey new information that occurs early in the future.

I guess if there was some issues with the game present that they needed to fix before release that this is a good thing, still it is a little disappointing to have to wait another month.

On a side note i found it hilarious that Google Translate had translated the posters name (pani-ru) as Indian Homemade Cream Cheese. xD

Also before i finish up this post, DontDropThatCombo has released the next part of his combo videos featuring Kula. So at least in the mean time you can study some more combos before the game is released.

Korea Combo Alliance - Various Combo Videos

I came across this Youtube channel; teamkca today via NeoEmpire's forums and have been working my way through watching some of the videos this afternoon.

Mainly this group covers SNK games but there are a few other combo videos featuring games like Daraku Tenshi.

I've embedded a few of the ones i've watched so far, but make sure to check out teamkca's Youtube channel for more!

Top 10 Best Characters - KOF97

Just started watching this set of videos on Youtube, uploaded by user SlashColumbiaRevenge, which features what is apparently considered as the top 10 ranking of characters for KOF97 in China.

Not having played KOF97 properly for a long time now i'm not really in a position to comment on the rankings, but you can see some really nice set ups, combos and tactics in these videos. (All taken from real matches.)

10. Kyo
9. Terry
8. Benimaru

7. Goro Daimon
6. Blue Mary
5. Choi

4. Yamazaki
3. Chang

2. Chizuru
1. Iori

DontDropThatCombo - K' Combo Tutorial

It's a been a while since i've seen one of these come up on my subscription list on Youtube, but DontDropThatCombo is back and with a new video featuring K'. 

SeeU full length demo: RUN

Penasaran dengan bagaimana suara Vocaloid 3?
SBS Artech mengeluarkan lagu demo full-length untuk Vocaloid Korea mereka, SeeU.

 SeeU banyak menarik perhatian sebagai Vocaloid berbahasa korea pertama. SeeU juga sudah merilis 2 lagu sedangkan Vocaloid 3 yang lain belum terdengar suaranya.
Tetapi setelah SeeU merilis lagu demonya 'Run', banyak fans yang kecewa karena suaranya di lagu 'Run' sangat berbeda dengan lagu pertamanya, 'I=Fantasy'. Ada desas-desus yang mengatakan bahwa 'I=Fantasy' menggunakan suara Kim Tahi, sang penyanyi asli, sebagai backing vocal. Karena itu, suara SeeU terdengar sangat nyata.
Jika vocal SeeU dihilangkan, akan terdengar suara manusia:

Selain itu, lagu ini juga dikritik karena penggunaan auto tune yang berlebihan.

source: vocaloid wiki

Liveman Drama in Gokaiger

In the Liveman-based episode, I cannot deny the similarities of Liveman were present.  For example...

Barizorg appears in flashback to be a friend of Joe in the past.  They were once comrades who became enemies.  Liveman had that too- Yuusuke, Joh and Megumi also lost their friends who became members of Volt.  Oh yeah, like Mazenda, Barizorg became a cyborg too except in Barizorg's case- he was forcibly turned into one.  The episode also focused on a plot to turn people into cyborgs. Cliche but powerful.

Joe because of his friend Sid having turned into Barizorg is forced but to fight a former comrade.  That's what Liveman was exactly rooted upon- friends why are we now enemies after some time?  I just think it was appropriate to put Joe Gibken as a blue ranger for that purpose- Megumi Misaki as a blue ranger had a lot of blues to deal with.  Blue rangers get blue- get it?  As to say it, very good Sentai soap material.

It's nice to see Joh Ohara but... I wish he had Yuusuke Amamiya and Megumi Misaki with him.  Oh well... his part was written well so that makes up for disappointments that the two are not in the series.  Liveman was probably the darkest Sentai in the 80s which has made me reconsider my opinion of the series.

Chise Nakamura and Rika Sato in White

Here are two actresses who played airheaded characters in white...

Chise Nakamura... looking funny.

Rika Sato... I seriously find her more adorable in this photo than she was in Goseiger.


Gunsmith has just posted up details over on Orochinagi regarding the Rising Star Games booth at MCM Expo at the end of October.

As well as a tournament, there will be a cosplay competition, and the winner will have to play Giga D to a first to ten.

Check out Orochinagi for more details.

Also i didn't notice until someone else mentioned it but the date for KOFXIII in the UK seems to have been pushed back to some time in November instead of what was originally thought to be the 28th October.

I asked on RSG's facebook page and was told it was confirmed for November now. (And also got told by a random guy that i was moaning for asking, lmfao.)

Still waiting to see if there will be any delays in the US/JP versions, if those come out in October then i will likely import it instead.

Another Older Michiko Makino Picture Finding

This is definitely another classic find.  Okay she's in her 40s but still... this picture is amazing.

A reunion with Ryosuke Sakamoto.  What's this event?  Too bad she didn't appear in the 199 Hero Battle of Gokaiger.

Rumors of Gai Ikari's Death?

RIP Gai Ikari?
It's kinda crazy that after Gai Yuki is officially confirmed dead (though the episode didn't mention his nabbing but rather confirmed dead after being "missing in action" hinting he died in battle somewhere before the Legend War), some people are floating rumors that Gai Ikari will die too.  As of right now, we know that Gai Ikari was hit by a truck and later he can't see Gai Yuki.  So what's really going on?  Fantasy Leader wrote in That Toku blog as a comment to That Chick's entry on Gai Yuuki:

ThatChick, perhaps Gai Ikari can't see Gai Yuuki because Gai Ikari is dead? Maybe that truck did kill him and that he's just living on borrowed life? That's my thought.

As of right now, it sounds very possible considering most people don't survive truck accidents.  If he were hit in suit, he would have survived. But outside the Sentai suit, any stupid incident can kill a person like Gai Yuki's death by a mugger (who some believe is Radiguet).

Only and only if Toshihide Wakamatsu (or even Toshiki Inoue the guest writer) would explain why in script, Gai Ikari can't see Gai Yuki's ghost.  Too bad Gai didn't meet Gai in that fan fic.  But then, they did meet in person after all.

Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen

Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen (絶対平和大作戦 ; The Absolute Strategy of Peace) adalah komik (manga) shoujo karya Akane Ogura. Seri pertama diterbitkan pada September 2007 di Hakusensha's bi-monthly shoujo manga magazine, LaLa DX. Total babnya ada19 chapter yang dirangkum menjadi 4 tangkubon (volume).

Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen adalah manga yang menceritakan tentang 2 negara yang mengadakan perang memperebutkan batas negara. Negara di utara adalah negara yang subur dikelilingi oleh hutan sedangkan negara di selatan adalah negara yang gersang dikelilingi oleh padang gurun. Perang telah terjadi bertahun-tahun lamanya, hingga suatu saat, seorang pangeran dari Negeri Utara bernama Pangeran Johanne yang dipuja rakyatnya sebagai pahlwan, dan seorang putri dari Negeri Selatan bernama Putri Euda yang disebut rakyatnya sebagai perawan suci, tiba-tiba mendeklarasikan bahwa mereka saling mencintai. Hal itu menimbulkan pertengkaran di dalam keluarga mereka, tapi pada akhirnya keluarga mereka menyetujui hubungan mereka. Perang pun dihentikan dan kedamaian tercipta dalam kedua negara. Akan tetapi, kedamaian tidak timbul di hati mereka berdua. Sebenarnya, keduanya sama sekali tidak saling jatuh cinta, malahan hubungan mereka sangat buruk. Putri Euda membenci Pangeran Johanne yang suka berperang, sedangkan Pangeran Johanne kesal dengan Putri Euda yang tidak imut. Mereka berdua rela berpura-pura di depan banyak orang demi menciptakan kedaimain di antara kedua pihak. Tentu tidak semua rakyatnya setuju akan hal ini. Hal ini menyebabkan banyak terjadi konflik yang mempertaruhkan nyawa keduanya.

Merasa menjadi teman senasib, hubungan mereka yang berawal tidak baik berangsur-angsur menjadi lebih baik, hingga suatu hari mereka menyadari bahwa mereka benar-benar saling mencintai. Akan tetapi, konflik tetap berusaha memisahkan mereka, hingga suatu kali, ayah Pangeran Johanne ditembak oleh seseorang. Saksi mata menyebutkan bahwa orang tersebut memakai baju khas Negara Selatan. Perang pun hampir pecah kembali.

Akankah Pangeran Johanne dan Putri Euda bersatu kembali? Akankah kedamaian sejati tercipta dalam kedua negara?

click it!
Read Manga (manga.animea)

credit : wikipedia

Cara Orang Jepang Tidur

Orang Jepang memiliki kemampuan khusus yaitu dapat tidur di manapun dan kapanpun. Di tempat umum pun oke, di restoran, di subway, di taman ataupun di pinggir jalan ada saja
yang tidur. Mereka sama sekali tidak merasa terganggu dengan keramaian di sekitarnya. Ini beberapa foto yang Chiharu dapatkan dari google.

Mixed Reaction on Gokaiger 28

I personally some mixed reactions towards Gokaiger episode 28, which are...

It's nice to see an older Toshihide Wakamatsu back... but it looks like he didn't age so much.  He's into J-Drama lately.  I wonder who he's married to?  Gai Yuuki in action is cool.

He's just as rough as ever- dealing with the Gokaigers.  He's helping them face their worst fear..  He does flirt with Luka which is creepy.  I hate it that Gai Yuuki never met Gai Ikari.  Bummer.  Really those two should meet and be double Gai team.  However I could imagine what conversation can happen between these two guys.

Gai Ikari: Hey Gai Yuki why can't you let me have your autograph?
Gai Yuki: Because I hate natto and other Gais!
Gai Ikari: WWWHHYYYYY??!!!!

But the bummer is... yup Gai Yuki's DEAD.  Sob.  I really hate to think that I got on the losing side of the debate.  Also, I find his death scene just not so realistic because of the lack of blood.  However his noble death is still worth noting as NOT being useless as it was an everyday act of heroism even if it wasn't in battle.
However here's my theory- Gai Yuki didn't die in the series but he may have died in action somewhere unknown, when Gai Ikari stated that he went "missing in action" hinting that he may kept his status as a soldier even after Jetman due to the Manga being non-canon.  Possibilities are he may have died in military service sometime after the epilogue since the Jetmen didn't even notice he was "dying" in the epilogue.  So perhaps he and Ryu did fight a battle together, he died, Ryu took his body, buried him and gave him an honorable funeral.  But I kinda want to speculate he may have left a child behind...

Sentai Rangers Who Celebrated Their Birthday Onscreen

Here are some rangers I remembered celebrated their birthdays onscreen:

Gaku Hoshikawa/Five Red- His birthday was wrecked by Toad-Alligator Gin, he was killed but was resurrected by a time reversal.

Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk- He celebrated his 26th birthday when Camera Jigen attack.  Gai Yuuki was such a pain to ruin the mood too.

Tsurihime/Ninja White- All the boys were somewhat after her.  Hee hee. 

Kotoha Hanaori/Shinken Yellow- Her soul got sucked during her birthday but she was eventually saved by the others

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