League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Eki

League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Eki Cosplayer as Sona the Maven of the Strings from League of Legends game, i just play dota and i got infomation that League of Legends is almost same with Dota (or League of Legends is inspired by Dota o.O) well whatever, i already post League of Legends cosplay by Miyuko which i think that good cosplay, but yea this time i got much better Sona Cosplay photo, this time the cosplayer is Eki, Eki really did perfect Sona Cosplay photo in this League of Legends Cosplay Photo, her face seem fit enough with Sona Character and her body posture seem perfect too, i love her cosplay costume, when i saw this League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Eki, i think that Miyuko wearing wrong cotume xD, well i really love this League of Legend Cosplay Photo, her hair looks like effected by her Skill :O, bise that i love the green effect on this photo, that look like Sona skill, and yea...Eki got enough boobs xD. 

League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Eki Gallery

Well its lame i just found two League of Legend Cosplay picture by Eki, and one picture has bad resolution :/ i hope i can find another Eki cosplay as Sona, she looks perfect as Sona, As a comparison I purposely post sona pictures which I got from the internet, and i guess everyone would agree that this is perfect Sona Cosplay photo, i got this League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Eki from euw.leagueoflegends.com, im not sure but i think Sona Character seem popular among League of Legends player :o, and even people who do not play that game like me, like Sona character :P, i think when i got time i will try this game, I love dota so maybe i love this game too ^^, well its perfect League of Legends Cosplay photo Sona the Maven of the Strings by Eki, i'll post another Eki cosplay nextime xD. sweet!! 

Inuyasha Cosplay Photo by Korean Cosplayer

Inuyasha Cosplay Photo by Korean Cosplayer Chun Hwa Peng, i already post her awesome Bleach cosplay photo as Hiyori Sarugaki, you can find that here, and this time she cosplaying as main protagonist character from Inuyasha Anime, Inuyasha, InuYasha also known as InuYasha, a Feudal Fairy Tale is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi, and The series' plot follows a middle school girl Kagome Higurashi who lives on the grounds of her family's hereditary Shinto shrine, When she goes into the well house to retrieve her cat but she meet with Inuyasha (that time inuyasha is still in effect Kikyo's seals), Inuyasha is Born to a Inugami father and human mother, InuYasha is a half-demon who initially wanted to use the power of the sacred jewel to become a full-fledged demon.

Inuyasha Cosplay Photo by Korean Cosplayer Gallery

Well I love this Inuyasha Cosplay Photography especially for Photography aspect on it, though Chun Hwa Peng looks not fit enough with inuyasha which i ever imagine (Inuyasha is one of my favorite anime character, that why i have my own version of inuyasha XD) but she did great job on her cosplay costume expression and also pose and photography effect, i love her expression and pose on this Inuyasha Cosplay she looks very tottal on it, beside that her cosplay costume close with Inuyasha real cloth in anime and her hair seem very natural on this Inuyasha Cosplay, and the most i love from this Inuyasha cosplay is her blood effect and the background set on this Inuyasha cosplay photo, the forests background with old leaves on the ground looks very dramatic xD and can represent Inuyasha well, and also the wooden building, very thick with classic japanese building, I just wonder who's blood on the hands and Inuyasha face :O, dont said its Kagome's blood!! well i got this Inuyasha Cosplay Photography from Chun Hwa Peng WorldCosplay page, visit there to see her another awesome Cosplay Photo.

Writers in Super Sentai I Overrate A LOT

Here are Sentai writers I overrate and why in no particular order... or is it?  You decide via comments!

Naruhisa Arakawa- I was delighted to be receive correct information that he wrote certain episodes in Jetman.  I can't deny he wrote Kuuga, Abaranger, Dekaranger and Gokaiger as its head writers while he made some of the best Jetman episodes ever.  While some consider Dekaranger the least of his works, I find it his best. :P

Yasuko Kobayashi- I believe I have major disagreements with some Sentai critics when it comes to pointing out some of her flaws.  Why I overrate her a lot is maybe because I count her as a melting pot for every 80s-2000s show, get ideas and blend them and poof you get some series worth watching.  With how Gobusters is, I think I'm so gonna overrate that series until that same incident in RPM (apocalyptic earth) will happen...

Toshiki Inoue- I believe why I overrate him is because I'm a huge fan of Jetman until today and the Maskman episodes he wrote are just VERY GOOD.  Okay I'll probably watch Agito and Kiva when I get the chance to appreciate his other works.  I might even be guilty of watching his burnouts and still praising them for being good.  Okay I may have a few complains about Gokaiger 28 (I think it's his worst, no offense) but still, I praised him for it since it wasn't a lousy episode either.

Not to mention Hirohisa Soda!!!!  He wrote from Goggle V up to Fiveman introducing plenty of new ideas for writers to pick up in the future and improve the amazing performance he did.  After all, he is PART of my childhood Sentai.  Even Fiveman which was a burnout, I guess I can still enjoy the show.  It's always a delight for me to think his ideas are just hard to beat!

One Piece Cosplay Photo by RerinKin

One Piece Cosplay Photo by RerinKin Cosplayer as greatest samurai from the past in One Piece Anime, Ryuma, Ryuma is a samurai from the Wano Country in the New World who died and was made into a General Zombie by Hogback, well actually i think this is same ryuma from Oda's previous one-shot manga with tittled Monsters, personally i like this character he look very cool with that white hair and old samurai cloth (i dont know what that name xD should i call that yukata!?) whatever, different with Ryuma from Monsters anime, As a zombie, Ryuma is slightly shorter than Brook, He has several bandages covering part of his skull face. He has no eyes and no nose, even he just a zombie but he still very powerful and can beat brook, after zoro beat Ryuma he give his Katana to Zoro.

One Piece Cosplay Photo by RerinKin Gallery

Another Stuning One Piece Cosplay, this time i got One Piece Cosplay by RerinKin, if you think the cosplayer behind this Ryuma cosplay is a guy, you wrong RerinKin is a cosplayer girls and i think she work together with her bf to make many awesome cosplay photo, well RerinKin really did great on her makeup here, that was awesome makeup, its really hard to see her original face xD and that look like Ryuma for real, i like her hair too on this One Piece Cosplay that look like Ryuma real hair though i think that was bit different Color on it (Ryuma has white hair, but in this One Piece Cosplay, i think the light effect has made her hair looks yellow ^^) beside that i think RerinKin has different body posture with ryuma :D, but overall i love this One Piece Cosplay Photo, especially for the makeup, i got this One Piece Cosplay from RerinKin's DeviantArt page, visit there to see another One Piece Cosplay by her :D.

Super Sentai Series That I Think Get A Shallow View by SOME Superficial Fans

Update as of Apirl 22, 2012: Thanks to some comments, I've changed the post's title... :) thanks to the corrections pointed out by Sogambut Boys Projk and Fantasy Leader.

So here's a pretty good list of Super Sentai series I think have been overrated by SOME superficial fans... sad but true but this does happen... and I'm caught RED HANDED!  LOL!  LMAO!  Okay now for the series some people I know (including myself) have watched and enjoyed for the wrong reasons!!!!

Chodenshi Bioman- I guess no child in the 80s-90s can forget their crush on Hikaru/Kimberly.  But this has turned into a bygone or has it?

Hikari Sentai Maskman- Another of those Sentai chicks that's hard to forget is Momoko.  Boy I remembered my crush on her. :P

Kosuku Sentai Turboranger- Haruna Morikawa was probably another of those hot chicks in the 80s even if she's not really that hot.

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger- Okay I don't find Mei as hot as Kimberly but she's still hot nonetheless that some go MOE. :P

Gosei Sentai Dairanger- Lin being hotter than Mei can be one of the many stupid reasons to watch Dairanger over Zyuranger.  Wow talk about a better series watched over a lesser series for a girl.

Megaranger- Okay maybe I don't find Chisato as pretty as Ashley but there's such a SHORT distance between them in that area.  Some people even find her prettier than Ashley.

Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger- One can't deny that Nanami Nono is HOT too.

Bakaryuu Sentai Abaranger- Okay Ranru Itsuki's not as hot as Kira Ford imo but she's still hot.

 Tokosou Sentai Dekaranger- Jasmine is really blazing hot... so hot you'd break the law to get her attention.  Some people argue that she's the hottest Sentai girl ever.

Gou Gou Sentai Boukenger- I can't deny Sakura Nishihori caught my heart too LOL despite her funny features.

Engine Sentai Go-onger- Although most non-superficial fans will find Go-onger a bad series, superficial fans will most likely enjoy it for Saki Royama who some put in the boring list.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger- Mako Shiraishi's just BLAZING HOT no doubt about that, perhaps nobody would mind how BAD of a cook she is or whatever.  I guess Shinkenger may be the most overrated by some superficial fanboys as of late.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger- Watching a good series for Luka Millfy will make anyone fail to appreciate the glory of adventuring.  However I admit I'm not much of a Gokaiger fan so I didn't spend myself into it.

Filipino Movies with Sentai Themes

Here are a few Sentai-based Filipino films and here are some I can remember:

Obviously inspired by Bioman, Bio Kids came and as the name suggests, they were all children.  So I'd say it's not a bad movie, but it's not good either but I'd like to say that using their henshin powers to beat up normal bad guys wasn't ethical IMO.  They were against the odds of Mr. Clown (inspired by the Joker no doubt, maybe a rip-off of Iron Claw) who later creates the artificial being Exxor to deal with them.  This was in 1990, the year Fiveman was aired in Japan.  Here's what I consider funny:

  • Red Lion 1, Green Dragon 2, Blue Eagle 3, Yellow Tiger 4, Pink Panther 5... which later Gingaman had Gingared with a lion theme, Burai was Dragonranger a green ranger and Boi was Tigerranger a yellow ranger.
  • A team of children came before Kou came into creation.

Conclusion: Original ideas may fail at first but they may succeed if done right.  Hmmm... maybe we can take failed ideas and make them succeed.  

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Super Ranger Kids- It was shown in 1997 where a group of children get ultra-cheesy powers it was just plain unbelievable compared to standard Sentai where characters don't get too much powers.  This was basically what I'd call cheesy in a bad way and a really production... so bad I can say it's not even good for a series.  They should have given more thought on how an original Filipino Sentai theme could be more realistic then... but still a good concept but sadly too flawed.

However I do have my own thought that if I could make a parody Sentai for the Filipino audience, I might have this for a plot called the Ispup Rangers for GMA-7, not a bunch of children but just some young adults who are caught in the middle of fighting against foes who I'll base after the Krusty Krew... led by the evil Senor Alimango (Senor Crab).  Oh yeah all bad special effects are intended for additional laughs too... maybe it should just be a Bubble Gang segment or a series of its own where even the monster of the week looks even worse than the already unrealistic Sentai monsters...

Sentai Spin-offs I Might Want to Try Watching

Here are a list of what I'd call "Sentai spin-offs" that I would like to watch:

Cho Ninja Tai Inazuma- This Sentai alumni filled series may be more of a Tokusatsu for some though I prefer to label it as a J-Drama... but it does have Toku elements in it.  I don't know what my other fellow Sentai reviewers have to say about this.  I hope people can post their opinion on this.

Akibaranger- The title speaks of itself as an "unofficial Sentai" and yes it is.  Written by Naruhisa Arakawa, I expect this to be funnier than my own brand of somewhat sadistic humor.  Why it's an "adult Sentai" I'll need to watch and examine first!

Sportranger- Seeing Thais pay tribute to Toku with their own series rather than adaptation would be nice to know... but sadly only 16 episodes as of this time... or maybe not.

League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Miyuko

League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Miyuko cosplayer as Sona Buvelle, the Maven of the Strings, well i dont play this game but iam sure that Miyuko seem perfect as Sona Buvelle, well there is bit difference on Miyuko face characteristic with Sona image, i think Miyuko has made different image of Sona, Miyuko looks too cute as sona and Sona has more serious face and looks grumpy, but Miyuko has been made Sona more sweet in this League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Miyuko, beside that one of the most i love from this League of Legends Cosplay is Miyuko costume, well Miyuko or another SPCats girls always did great on their cosplay costume, they cosplay costume always made with very high detailed and close to the real one, in this Miyuko Cosplay the dress is look like an acient china dress and with high detailed lace on it, well i think her hair looks like Hatsune Miku hair ^^, Miyuko looks very cute with that hair.

League of Legend Cosplay Photo by Miyuko Gallery

Well this time Miyuko Cosplay as one of League of Legends Cosplay Character Sona Buvelle, because i dont know about this character (and im sure there is many people dont know too) i'll give some information that I got from wiki :D, "Sona uses the stance mechanic. Her basic abilities all have a persistent aura effect which remains for as long as she doesn't activate another ability. Additionally, her auras remain for two additional seconds after changing stances. Each ability also has an activation effect upon being cast. Sona's basic abilities also set off a two second cooldown to the other two basic abilities" well thats it XD. Miyuko is one of my favorites cosplayer because she always look fit with the character she playing (at least for me ^^") well i got this League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Miyuko from www.tumblr.comtaggedmiyukobefore=1332776705, visit there to see another Miyuko Cosplay Photo.

One Piece Cosplay Photo by Usako

One Piece Cosplay Photo by Usako as One of my favorites character in One Piece Anime, Portgas D Ace, why i like this character because ace is one of the coolest character on one piece (cool but dumb as well xD) born as Gol D. Ace and nicknamed "Fire Fist Ace", Ace was the 2nd division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and one-time captain of the Spade Pirates but ace was killed by Akainu during the big war in marineford, when luffy and whitebeard trying to save him from execution, but both ace and whitebieard dead in that place, Ace seem slightly taller and more muscular that his younger brother Luffy Although they were not blood related Ace looked remarkably like his foster brother, Luffy, beside that they has same bad habbit with their gramps when they eat something (always fall asleep XD).

One Piece Cosplay Photo by Usako Gallery

Well this is cool One Piece Cosplay photo by Usako, i think this is my 2nd favorite Portgas D Ace cosplay photo after Ace cosplay photo by Kaname, in this One Piece Cosplay Photo Usako has made Portgas D Ace look more muscular (well i think that too much ^^) but well that not a problem i think Usako seem fit enough as Ace though his hair seem bit different with Ace hair in One Piece Anime, but overall he really did great on this One Piece Cosplay photo, there is Luffy cosplay too in this One Piece Cosplay i just wondering how he look like, and i think there is something wrong with jimbei XD why his skin seem like a plastic or whatever is that, i just ummm looks wrong, well another thing i like from this One Piece Cosplay is Ace's hat that was nice hat and also his dagger :D, well i got this One Piece Cosplay Photo from Usako's WorldCosplay page, visit there to see another his One Piece Cosplay.

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