Mangaka Profile: Hiro Mashima

真島ヒロ (Mashima Hiro)
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Birth date: May 3, 1977
Birth place: Nagano, Japan
Notable Work/s: Rave Master, Fairy Tail
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy, Action

As a young boy, his grandfather would find discarded manga for him to read, and Mashima would always trace the pictures. Two manga series in particular were the main inspiration for him to become a professional manga artist: Dragon Ball, a well known manga produced by Akira Toriyama, and Ultimate Muscle, which is created by Yudetamago. Hiro Mashima especially enjoyed parts featuring the main characters getting into trouble, but somehow always managing to win in the end. After High School, he decided to go to an art school because he believed that going to school would help him in learning how to improve his manga drawing ability. However, he ended up detesting the approach and taught himself. He was a notable guest at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con.

He currently has five assistants. They are Ueda I, Sho Nakamura, Bobby Osawa, Kobayashi Kina, and Kain. Formerly, Miki Yoshikawa and Shin Mikuni were also his assistants. According to Fairy Tail Wikia, Mashima has never worked as an artist's assistant. However, it is said in his Wikipedia Article that he has worked under Oda Eichiro in the past. Mashima is well known also for his speed in drawing and production of manga. His record is 65 completed pages within one week, 3 of which were colored.

Groove Adventure Rave (Rave Master) (1998–2005)
Plue's Dog Diaries (2002–2007)
Mashima-en Vol.1 & 2 (2003)
Monster Soul (2006–2007)
Fairy Tail (2006-ongoing)
Monster Hunter Orage (2008–2009)
Nishikaze to Taiyou (2010)
Sangokushi Taisen card illustration
Respect Gundam contribution
Cocona (2003)

The main characters in his magazine serializations are named after seasons:

  • Rave (Haru=Spring)
  • Fairy Tail (Natsu=Summer)
  • Monster Soul (Aki=Autumn)
  • Monster Hunter Orage (Shiki=Four Seasons)

I've read Rave Master and watched its anime. I'm also reading Fairy Tail and watching its anime. I just love Hiro Mashima's works! I usually go for romance manga and anime. If not, I go for sports. But, both of Mashima's works that I have read are neither romance nor sports yet I loved them more than most of the manga I've read. Well, there is some romance in Rave Master. :D I love his characters, too. Reading Fairy Tail is bringing back lots of Rave Master memories!


+Anima (プラス アニマ) merupakan manga karya Natsumi Mukai yang bergenre Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, dan Shonen. Manga ini diterbitkan pertama kali di Dengeki Comic Gao! semenjak January 2001 - 26 Maret 2005. Komik ini sudah tamat dalam 10 volume (56 chapter).

+Anima menceritakkan tentang sebuah dunia di mana selain manusia, terdapat makhluk lain, yaitu manusia setengah binatang atau disebut juga +Anima (Plus Anima). Tokoh utama cerita ini adalah seorang bocah ceria bernama Cooro. Cooro merupakan seorang bocah setengah gagak, ia memiliki sayap hitam di punggung dan tangan yang tertutup bulu gagak bila ia berubah. Cooro pertama ditemukan saat bayi di sebuah gereja. Di gereja itu pula Cooro tumbuh, hingga suatu hari, ia memutuskan untuk meinggalkan rumahnya dan pergi mencari manusia +Anima lainnya. Di tengah perjalannya, Cooro secara iseng melihat sirkus sembunyi-sembunyi. Sirkus tersebut adalah sirkus terkenal yang menampilkan Putri Duyung. Tentu saja 'Putri Duyung' itu sebenarnya +Anima, akan tetapi pada saat itu hanya sedikit orang yang mengetahui keberadaan +Anima. Cooro pun berencana untuk membawa 'Putri Duyung' itu kabur. Dengan sayap yang dimiliki Cooro dan tipu dayanya yang cerdik, mereka berdua berhasil kabur, selain itu terungkap pula bahwa 'Putri Duyung' itu sebenarnya seorang anak laki-laki! Namanya Husky. Dia adalah anak yang cerewet dan benci perempuan, juga seorang yang temperamental. Sangat berbeda diabndingkan Cooro. Mereka pun memulai perjalanan mereka mencari +Anima lainnya.

Dalam perjalanan mereka, mereka bertemu dengan seorang pemuda +Anima yang merupakan setengah beruang. Uniknya lagi, pemuda itu merupakan anggota klan Kimunkle, klan kuno yang memuja roh alam sekaligus penemu +Anima. Pemuda itu bernama Senri, orangnya pendiam tapi berhati baik dan penurut. Senri memiliki penutup mata untuk menjaga dirinya kehilangan kontrol atas animanya, hal ini dikarenakan anima yang dimiliki Senri adalah seekor beruang pemangsa manusia. Saat berubah, Senri memiliki tangan beruang. Dalam perjalanan mereka yang lain mereka bertiga bertemu dengan sorang gadis cilik bernama Nana. Gadis ini merupakan +Anima kelelawar. Dia memiliki sayap dan telinga kelelawar saat berubah. Ia juga memiliki penglihatan tajam dalam gelap, telinga yang sangat peka, dan teriakan ultrasonik kelelawar. Perjalanan mereka yang sesungguhnya dimulai di sini. Mereka bertemu dengan berbagai macam +Anima dan hubungan mereka semakin erat. Perjalanan mereka juga mengungkit masa lalu mereka masing-masing, tentang bagaimana keluarga mereka atau bagaimana mereka bisa menjadi +Anima.

Ada 2 jenis +Anima, yang pertama +Anima yang menerima Animanya karena terancam bahaya, seperti hampir dibunuh atau karena keinginan yang mendalam. Sedangkan yang kedua adalah mereka yang memang dari lahir ditakdirkan menjadi +Anima. Biasanya, kemampuan +Anima mereka akan hilang ketika mereka beranjak dewasa, tapi ada beberapa kasus yang tidak terjadi. Setiap +Anima selalu memiliki tanda di bagian tubuh mereka, sebuah simbol yang menunjukkan bahwa mereka adalah +Anima.

Bagaimana kelanjutan perjalan mereka? Lalu apa sebenarnya tujuan Cooro mencari +Anima?

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info : wikipedia

Character Information: Mystogan

Anime/Manga: Fairy Tail
Real Name: Jellal
Gender: Male
Age: 19-20
Occupation: King of Edolas
Former Guild: Fairy Tail
Magic: Anima, Mirror Water, Sacred Song, Skyscraper, Air, Sleep
Race: Edolas Human
Earthland Counterpart: Jellal Fernandes

NOTE: some things below may not be understood by those who do not watch/read the anime/manga. Since this is a Character Information, I have no duties to summarize the story. I will however, one day set up a review for the series.

When he was first seen, Mystogan's face was not shown. He wore a black coat with most of his body covered in bandages. He has a black hat with a silver forehead protector. The bottom half of his face is usually covered with a green mask that changes design during the series. When his face was reveaed, he has dark eyes, blue hair, and a tattoo on his right eye, exactly like his Earthland counterpart, Jellal Fernandes.

Mystogan is a very mysterious person. He is quiet by nature and rarely socializes. Despite being a reclusive person, he is very loyal and kind to his friends and comrades. He usually does things on his own, and doesn't say much about the things he does. He is very helpful to others, often with the other person not knowing about his help.

Mystogan was the prince of Edolas. He was saved by Pantherlily when he was young and came to Earthland seven years prior to the series. While still not used to the way of life in Earthland, he found a young girl, Wendy Marvell, the Sky Dragon Slayer. He took her in, despite being lost himself, and protected her as they travelled. When he sensed the presence of Anima, he thought it would be dangerous to take Wendy with him any longer. He left her in the care of a guild, Cait Shelter, which turned out to be a guild made out of illusions.

Mystogan supressed Anima and soon joined the Fairy Tail guild. He takes on jobs from the guild, remaining loyal to Fairy Tail despite his distancing himself from its members.

Okay, so I don't really quite understand why I love Mystogan. Maybe I love the part of him where he doesn't interact much with Fairy Tail members but still remains completely loyal to the guild and helps them in their times of need. I like how he doesn't tell people he's helping them but has already done a lot. He's very kind and I love his relationship with Wendy! Aw, now I want to have an older brother like Mystogan... :D

Character Information: Loki

Anime/Manga: Fairy Tail
Nickname: Leo, Loke, The Lion, Grown Up Cat
Gender: Male
Key Type: Gold Key
Summoner: Lucy Heartfilia
Former Owner: Karen Lilica
Way of Fighting: Regulus
Contract: Anytime
Race: Celestial Spirit

NOTE: some things below may not be understood by those who do not watch/read the anime/manga. Since this is a Character Information, I have no duties to summarize the story. I will however, one day set up a review for the series.

When first introduced, Loki had short dark orange hair. He wore a green jacket with fluffy white collar, a light red t-shirt, and black trousers. He also wears lightly-tinted sunglasses and the ring which he uses for magic. After he returns to the Celestial Spirit World, he now wears more formal attire. He wears a black suit and tie. However, he retains the sunglasses and the ring. Among the known celestial spirits, Loki has the most human-like appearance. His Fairy Tail member stamp is on his back.

Generally, Loki is very flirtatious with women. He, however, does not take lightly to those who mistreat, abuse, or take advantage of them. He is a very loyal and caring friend. He does not hesitate to sacrifice himself for others. He is very dedicated to Lucy, although he tends to be capricious a

Leo was contracted to the Celestial Spirit mage Karen Lilica in the past, along with another Zodiac Spirit, Aries. He saw how Karen abused, mistreated, and hurted Aries. When she was about to sentence Aries to seven days imprisonment in the human world, he appeared in her place. Leo demanded that the contracts with him and Aries be severed or else he would stay in the humans' world until she did so, easily resisting Karen's attempts at forced closure of his gate. By staying the human world, he prevented Karen from summoning any other spirits, thus being unable to do any other jobs.

Although the pain was torturous, Leo was able to endure the pain and became used to the human world in three months. One day, the master came to visit Leo. He said that Karen died during a mission, thus making Leo the indirect cause of her death. For violating his contract with Karen and causing her death, he was refused permission to return to the Celestial Plane. Soon after, Leo disguised himself as a human named Loki and joined the Fairy Tail Guild as a mage.

What I really love about Loki is that he's just so cute, funny, and very kind! I mean, if he just doesn't put up all those glittering light love proclamations, then he'd be the perfect boyfriend! But anyway, I like how he's so loyal to Lucy and the other celestial spirits. He's one of my favorite characters on Fairy Tail, not just among the celestial spirits. If you haven't read Fairy Tail, I'm sure you'll enjoy your cup of comedy and action when you do. :D

Anime & Manga Walpaper (Part 1)

Berikut beberapa gambar yang bisa digunakan untuk menjadi wallpaper kalian... ^^
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Sekian untuk kali ini...
Posting berikutnya mulai bertema kok ^^
Karena alasan khusus, posting kali  ini gambarnya masih random

#Part 2#


Oshiya adalah orang yang dipekerjakan di stasiun kereta untuk mendorong masuk orang-orang yang akan naik kereta sekaligus, menarik orang yang maksa naik walaupun sudah benar-benar penuh.

Lihat nih oshiya lagi bekerja:

Lalu, bagaimana keadaan di dalam sana? Hmm, kurang lebih merasakan jadi ikan sarden dalam kaleng lah..
Parahnya, sarden-sarden lain nggak punya aturan! Menatap orang lain itu haram hukumnya (padahal keretanya penuh orang). Jadi orang-orang menghabiskan waktunya di kereta dengan membaca, mendengarkan musik, tidur, atau pura-pura tidur.
Terus, orang yang lebig nggak tau diri bakal tak segan menyikut dan mendorong orang lain demi mendapat ruang lebih untuk dirinya.

Gimana cara keluarnya yah? Chi juga nggak tau =_='

*Kalau Chiharu lihat kereta yang begini, rasanya bersyukur banget. Sepadat-padatnya MRT, gak pernah sampai didorong-dorong oshiya.. hahaha
Rasanya pekerjaan semacam oshiya cuma ada di Jepang.

Oricon Weekly Comic Ranking

Cek ranking untuk minggu ini, 24 Januari 2011

1. Suki tte Iinayo, the 6th volume – Hazuki Kanae (119,517)
2. NARUTO, the 54th volume – Kishimoto Masashi (70,653)
3. Initial D, the 42nd volume – Shigeno Shuichi (66,344)
4. Tonari no Atashi, the 6th volume – Nanba Atsuko (58,845)
5. Saint☆Oniisan, the 6th volume – Nakamura Hikari (49,237)

6. The Pimari ~ Happy Marriage!? 5
7. Bakuman 11
8. Baki the range 27
9. Stardust ★ Wink 5
10. Advance three giant

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