CosPlay as Ragnarok characters

Ragnarok Online is an online role-playing game based on Norse mythology. Inspired by the fantasy anime written by MJ Lee, Ragnarok Online is an ever-expanding world of exotic lands and never-ending journeys set in a 3-D environment.

Ragnarok OnlineUsers can customize characters and venture off alone or in groups in far-flung fantasy realms full of mystery and peril.Players can select from a wide range of job classes that suit their individual playing style. Each job class comes with a unique array of skills and abilities. The strengths and weaknesses of these classes encourages to players of different types to form parties.

The characters of Ragnarok Online are so cute and beautiful. So there are some players who want to shape themselves as the characters in the game. Here in this gallery are some sexy Cosplay pictures of Ragnarok Online characters (58 pics) performed by beautiful japan girls. Please ejoy them...

Ragnarok CosPlay