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I haven't seen any interesting abstracts about medication adherence today, but wanted to share some blog posts and articles I have read about various medical topics including medication adherence.

Tara Parker-Pope writes about the dangers /effects of early cancer screenings in today's NYT Well. This is particularly haunting for me as a recent ER X-ray found something on my lung, and my wife wants me to get a lung cancer screening tomorrow. I will write a post about my whole ER experience soon. Thanks to Kevin MD for the tip.

Health on MSN has picked up a Forbes article about the most medicated US States. National average for 2006 was 11.1 prescriptions per capita. I think it is now 14 per capita.

In-Pharma Technologist writes about the shake-up of Pharma top sales spots in 2014.

The Health Care Blog turns 5 today. I have only been reading it for about 18 months. Interesting to read Matthew Holt's take on the evolution of healthcare blogging and its effect on the space. Congrats Matthew and the whole team @ THCB who has been providing brilliant content for years!

New blog I discovered today is the blog for the Placebo Journal. The blog to the magazine, who's tagline is "Medical Humor With a Purpose".

PyschCentral has a good article on BiPolar Medication Adherence Issues.

I'm Too Young For This! has posted their Summer edition of The Stupid Cancer News. If you look really closely in one of the pics from the Stupid Cancer Gala, you can see me and my friend Vanessa in the background!

Thanks to all on Twitter for the tips. You can follow me on Twitter @knightsicre.


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