Found Around the Web Today

It has been awhile since I have posted a "What I am Reading" or "What I have Found" post, so here you go. Some interesting stuff out there that sparked my interest.

From Reuter's Health, a report on Sex Bias in Control of Cancer Pain:

"How well pain is managed in people with cancer apparently differs between men and women, new research hints. Dr. Kristine A. Donovan, of the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute in Tampa, Florida, and colleagues examined pain severity and the adequacy of pain management in 131 cancer patients newly referred to a multidisciplinary cancer pain clinic." Full Story

From LifeScript, a study that shows 1 in 5 Diabetics do not take their medication as prescribed. "Too many diabetics are neglecting to take life-saving prescription medicines regularly, one study warned. Published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the study estimated that 21% of diabetics fail to adhere to their prescription schedule." Full Story

Allan Showalter, MD from AlignMap discusses the Implications Of The Redundant Patient Compliance Review. I like to post abstracts and some compliance reviews, but his blog posts are always more insightful, biting and from an MD's perspective. Full Story

And lastly, from the International Journal of STD and AIDS: Factors associated with lack of antiretroviral adherence among adolescents in a reference centre in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Full Story.

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