Anime Figure - Soryu Asuka Langley

Hopefully this image can help you to create more detail Soryu costume.

Character overview
Asuka is of mixed German and Japanese descent, which accounts for her Japanese name but European appearance. Asuka was born and raised in Germany, although her nationality is technically American. Asuka's native language is German, and in both the series and the manga she tends to curse in German. She is a child prodigy and has earned a university degree in an unspecified field as a teenager; she also speaks fluent Japanese, but has trouble reading and writing kanji[3]. She is characterized by her fiery red hair and equally fiery temper. Asuka is very proud of being an Eva pilot, and near-constantly wears her A10 nerve clips in her hair, because she wants everyone around her to know that she is a pilot. Asuka's iconic catch-phrase (always directed at Shinji) is "anta baka?!" (あんたバカァ?!), "anta" being a contraction of "anata" meaning "you" and "baka" literally meaning fool or idiot. The official English dub renders this as "What are you, stupid?!"