Engage With Grace: One Slide Project

Last week at Health 2.0, Alexandra Drane and Matthew Holt launched a movement asking everyone to take two minutes at the end of each presentation to show just one slide. The slide asks if you can answer for yourself and your loved ones 5 simple questions about what you want for care at the end of your or their life.

Matthew and Alexandra ask that you download the slide, start a viral movement, have these conversations and transform end-of-life care. To learn more visit Engage with Grace, where you can download the one slde, register for free, learn how to start the conversation and store your answers to the questions.

The questions are very morbid, but deal with an important issues: will your wishes be followed in the event of a terminal illness, do you have an advocate, where do you want to die, do you have a living will, power of healthcare attorney.

Visit the website, think about these questions, answer them and spread the word.

Thank you.

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