What I Am Reading - Health 2.0 Conference Wrap-ups

What a way to kickstart the week by finding out what I am reading today!

I know, it is very exciting - contain yourself!

There are still blog posts surfacing from last week's Health 2.0 Conference, and I'm sure more to come:

- Matthew Holt, the co-founder, muses about his final thoughts and addresses criticism on the conference at The Healthcare Blog.

- Jane Sarasohn-Kahn from the Health Populi blog reflects on her personal experiences around the conference as a moderator, panelist and participant.

- A medical librarian's review of the health search engines featured at the conference on the AltSearchEngines blog. Reading this has inspired me to once again revisit and tackle writing a post about the various health search engines and their results for medication non-adherence.

- Amy T from Diabetes Mine writes a brief post about her Health 2.0 experiences with a diabetes focus of course!

John from Chilmark Research did a great job of covering Health 2.0 and is now covering The Center for Connected Health's 2008 Symposium. This Boston symposium also features a number of speakers who were at Health 2.0.

Alexandra Carmichael, from CureTogether, proposes an Open Source Health Research Plan.

Cary Byrd from eDrugSearch comments on a study that found higher drug costs in poorer neighborhoods.

John Halamka (who is a localvore) from Life As A Healthcare CIO writes about the ROI for EHRs.


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