I really want a pair of winter boots

So, winter is with us again. It's cold, just cold...

Each time during this season, I am eager to buy a pair of nice and warm boots for myself. You know, sitting in office all day long is not easy, especially in winter. My feet is cold the whole day. You may suggest turning on the air conditioner. Regretfully, air conditioner is just not for me. It makes my skin dry. A comfy winter boots is the perfect solution for me I think. However, each time I walked into the shoes store, I would feel akward for my purse. Each pair of winter boots is marked at $100 at least, no matter it's ultra short boots or ultra high boots. Hmm, too expensive...for me.

What surprises me is that when I was still looking for a pair of cheap winter boots for myself, the boots just knocked at my door itself. :))))))Surprising, isn't it? It must be God's blessing. I received a coupon code the other day from a site. It says with the code vipoff10%, I can purchase anything from the site at 10% discount. I never heard this site before. With doubt, I opened the URL. WOW, there are the boots I dream for. And THEY ARE SO CHEAP, all under $60! The site looks great. Anyhow, I will try to order from them.

By the way, the site is www.trustedeal.com if you are interested.