Made in China, Made with the World

This morning, after I opened the computer and started to work as usual, a short news saying "Beijing selling China to the world" poped out, which drew my attention immediately. According to the article, the goverment has started a global charm offensive aimed at getting more consumers to reach for "Made in China" products, seeking to boost the image of Chinese goods around the world. I thought to myself:"Oh, the goverment is finally here to do something to improve its international image after a series of product scandals. It's quite good, at least good for the exporting market and the rising online China wholesale companies. "

However, is advertising enough to make international consumers believe made-in-china products? I seriously doubt it. It's the quality that people worries. It's the bad influence aroused by some inferior products that makes people hesitate to buy Chinese goods. As a Chinese myself, I am having the same feeling and concern. Each time going to super market, I am worried if the eggs, vegetable oils are tainted, if the vegetables has too much pesticide residue, if the product I buy worth the pricing or not. After all, I am not an expert in purchasin things. What I need is a trustworthy supplier, providing with trustworthy goods. What I hope is that the goverment has tested each product and all I need to do is enjoy them. Hence, aside from advertising in the international TV stations, I deely believe the next step the Goverment need to do is to ensure each product exported/sold to consumers is carefully tested and with the highest quality possible. The goverment also needs to supervise all the companies and make sure that they are doing everything conscientiously and legally. This is the only way to let made-in-china products go to the world.

We know, advertising helps the world walk towards us. We should walk towards the world with products and services at international level. At that time when products made in China is acknowledged by the world, we could applaud and say :"Hooray, Made in China!"