Be a Perfect Winter Bride

Cold winter doesn’t seem to be a good season for wedding, especially when the temperature suddenly drops and snow drifts from the sky, which will certainly put the winter brides in a dilemma: wearing wedding dress only will leave them frozen in the cold, but wearing too much will overwhelm the natural beauty. Therefore, the biggest challenge for winter brides is how to balance style and warm.

Actually, there is nothing to panic. Winter itself is a romantic season. When everywhere is covered with pure white snow, it looks like a fairy land. With a bit of creations, we can create an extremely unique and memorable wedding. For example, you may use some nice color tone like blue, ice green, white to create a graceful atmosphere. You can also use snowflake machine and bubble machine to create a romantic ambience. Snowflake, feather, Christmas tree or silver-white crystal can all add a magic touch to your big event. If you don’t feel troublesome, you can even pile a lovely snowman to enhance the ambience.

Winter wedding dress
If you have purchased the wedding dress for yourself, the simplest to keep warm in the big day is to match the gown with a fur shawl. Topping the wedding dress off with a fur will make the bride look noble and elegant, a wise choice in winter. There are various styles of shawl. Some shawl has been designed to a perfect cloak style, embellished with extraordinary crystal diamond, jewelry or feather, revealing the noble taste while keeping the bride warm.

If you haven’t purchased the wedding dress yet, you should avoid wedding dress made with silk, chiffon or tulle. Wedding dress should not be too short or it can barely keep you warm. No matter whether you purchase from online wedding dress store or from a local store, it’s better to ask the seller to provide a fur capelet which can protect you from the cold.

In addition, when selecting wedding gown, we should pay attention to the fabric and style. The first choice is fabric and style which can give people the feeling of warmth. If you like strapless wedding dress, it’s better to choose comfy, thick and warm fabric like velvet, corduroy etc. When it comes to dress color, pure white is not a good option in winter. It make guest feel chilly. However, if we touch the dress with light yellow, it can make the winter bride more charming, more delicate and more attractive. To match the wedding dress, we’d better select wedding veils with lace edging or embroidery.