How to Find the Perfect Wedding Gown for Winter Wedding

The wedding of your dream doesn’t have to take place in cozy spring, hot summer or golden autumn. Wedding in winter can be as fabulous as ceremonies in any other seasons. As a matter of fact, the amazing winter scenery: white snowflakes, lovely snowman, glittering Christmas trees and beautiful snow-covered land will add extra appeal and romance to your big event. However, considering of the cold climates, many brides would fear: “Will the wedding gown leave me freezing? Or do I need sacrifice style to keep warm?” Well, you don’t have to worry. Here are some features to look for in a gown which is perfectly appropriate for winter wedding.
winter wedding

Wedding Accessory

Don’t feel forced into wearing a gown with sleeves to keep yourself warm if you don’t actually like this idea at all. Based on recent research, strapless dresses, sweetheart necklines, off-the-shoulder dresses are some top trends of this year. If by any chance you are a fan of any of the styles, some seasonal accessories to go with the wedding gown will be perfect to keep you warm. Think about bundling yourself up in a comfy fur stole or scarves, isn’t it stylish and charming? Definitely! Wearing a pair of wedding gloves will give you extra warmth too.
wedding dress fur stole

Bridal Coat/Jacket

If the idea of wearing fur stole or scarves doesn’t seem riveting to you, why not get a bridal coat? There are a wide variety of wedding dress coat in the market for selection. You may choose whatever style you like to go with the gown. After searching the internet, I’ve picked some really stunning bridal coats as below for reference:

Winter bridal coat

Winter bridal coat

Fabulous long bridal coat. If you don’t like cloak style, this one may be perfect for you. You can wear it to the venue and take it off for the ceremony. Another good thing is you can still wear the coat for the coming winters.

Winter wedding Jacket

Winter wedding Jacket

Wedding Jacket. If a long coat is too much, we can try some wedding jacket/wrap like following. It’s simple and classy, perfect to go with any wedding dresses. If you plan to order a winter wedding dress from, do remember to contact the online support to check if the wedding dress factory can provide wedding wrap or bridal coat to go with the dress. If may cost you extra, but comparing to buy the coat elsewhere, it can still save you a lot of time and energy.

Sleeved Wedding Gown

If you think wearing a coat or wrap is troublesome, wedding gown with sleeve may make things easier. You may think it’s old fashion. Actually, it’s not true. The modern design employed into the sleeved wedding dress makes it more elegant and graceful, perfect solution for winter wedding, while three-quarter sleeves, or even something full-length, will surely have you covered.

Sleeved gowns

Sleeved gowns

Wedding dress with Heavy Fabrics

For winter wedding, the good thing is that we can choose any wedding dresses with heavy fabrics that may be burden for summer weddings. Love dress made with gorgeous satin brocade or organza? You are free to give it a try!
Satin Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress with Embroideries

Wearing a pure white wedding dress with no embellishment may make yourself blend into the background (In winter, it’s white everywhere if snowing). To stand out against the snow, try wedding dress with embroideries or embellishments, which will add something refreshing to the event.

Wedding dress with embroideryWedding dress with embroidery

Wedding Dress in Color

When picking wedding gowns, don’t get yourself restricted to white wedding dress. Nowadays, colorful wedding dresses are gaining popularity too. Besides, give some color to the dull winter, doesn’t it sound fantastic? Some great color choice for winter is red, pink, icy blue, ivory and champagne.

Wedding dress with colorWedding dress with color