Character Information: Suoh Tamaki

Anime/Manga: Ouran High School Host Club
Complete Name: René Tamaki Richard de Grandtaine
Nickname: Tono (King)
Gender: Male
Height: 183 cm
Birthday: April 8
Age: 17
Bloodtype: A
Horoscope: Aries
School: Ouran High School Second year Class A
Host Club: President
Host Type: Princely

NOTE: some things below may not be understood by those who do not watch/read the anime/manga. Since this is a Character Information, I have no obligation to summarize the story. I will however, one day set up a review for the series.

Tamaki is a purple-eyed, blonde bishounen. He is mostly seen(especially in the anime) wearing his school uniform which consist of light violet coat with the school emblem on the upper left side over a white collared shirt with a necktie and black pants. When not in his uniform he usually wears typical rich people's clothing.

Tamaki is extremely narcissistic, comical, and emotional. At times, he can be egoistic, annoying, idiotic, stupid, and ignorant. He is easily depressed by little rejections and immediately crouches in a dark corner were mushrooms comically grow around him. He can read and understand other people's feelings very well although this ability does not include himself. He is helpful, especially to women and believes that all women must be happy(which is his purpose for creating the host club). Despite being wealthy, he doesn't waste money and is very interested in learning and understanding a 'commoner's lifestyle'. This results to him being willing to try commoner's food and clothing.

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Tamaki is half-Japanese and half-French. His father is Suoh Yuzuru, the wealthy chairman of Ouran Academy. He is the child of his father's mistress, Anne-Sophie Grantaine. Because of this, he is looked down upon especially by his paternal grandmother. Tamaki was raised by his mother in France until he was fourteen. At this time, his grandmother had worried that the Suoh Family would be left without an heir. Since Anne-Sophie is very sickly and her family business had failed, leaving her with a lot of debt, his grandmother offered her wealth in exchange for allowing Tamaki to live in Japan, cutting all ties with her. His mother accepted, and Tamaki willingly went to Japan to help his mother recover, and he came to live with his father. He lives in Suoh Mansion #2 as his grandmother does not see him fit enough to stay at the main mansion. Despite his grandmother being the reason he can't see his mother, he is very gentle to her, and is constantly trying to get her to accept him as a part of the Suoh family.

Tamaki established the Host Club when he entered the Ouran. He is the self-proclaimed "king" of the club a.k.a. president. He hand-picked most of the club members, with the only exception being Haruhi, who came to join to pay off her debt when she accidentally broke an expensive vase. His goal in mind was to create a club to help girls for he believes that every 'woman must be happy' and in his eyes, all girls are beautiful. He has a teddy bear named 'Kuma-chan' and a dog named 'Antoinette'. He is also a good pianist and one of his favorite pieces is Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Fujioka Haruhi - Tamaki initially treats Haruhi as his 'daughter' and always wishes the best for her. He tries to dress-up Haruhi and let her act as a girl. He views himself as an overly protective and obsessive father-figure to Haruhi. However, he is actually in love with her. He shows signs of jealousy whenever Haruhi is close to other guys. But he himself is unaware of the depth of his feelings. One of his first signs of jealousy is when he became troubled upon realizing that Haruhi is very close and spends more time together with the Hitachiin twins compared to him.
Ootori Kyoya - Kyoya is Tamaki's closest and best friend. Although it seems very unlikely, given their clashing personalities, they understand each other very well. Tamaki shows his care openly, while Kyoya doesn't seem to mind but actually works in the shadows to help his friend in any way he can.
Hitachiin Twins(Hikaru and Kaoru) - The twins are the ones who call Tamaki as 'Tono' or translated as King or Lord. They have high respect for him, partly because he was the one who brought them to join the host club and open their minds to a wider world, and because it was through this club that they met Haruhi. Though they may be teasing to Tamaki, the twins genuinely care for him. Also, both twins can be considered his rivals since both harbor romantic feelings for Haruhi. Although, this is more evident with Hikaru since Kaoru has already withdrawn from his pursuance of Haruhi.
Suoh Yuzuru - Unexpectedly, Tamaki is serious when confronting his father, in contrast to his usual loud and energetic self. But, Yuzuru takes every opportunity to tease and make fun of his son. He cares a lot for Tamaki but he has his own way of showing he cares.
Anne-Sophie Grantaine - Tamaki is shown is be very caring and fond of his mother especially during his time of stay with her in France. However, since their ties had been cut off due to their agreement with his grandmother, he has not heard from her until just recently.
his Grandmother - His grandmother is the reason why he is not allowed to see his mother. However, despite her cold actions and bitter treatment of Tamaki, he still treats her gently and works hard to be accepted. Recently, their bond is strengthened and they find they have a lot in common.

Truly the main point of comic relief. You will find no less comical scenes from Tamaki. However, he may be sometimes so annoying you'd come to hate him. However, for me, despite the many times I came to hate him, just as many times, I came to love and enjoy him too! You'll truly find yourself looking for a friend like him when you see a lot of sides of his personality. Though he's not my favorite character in Ouran, I enjoy his presence in the series a lot!