Character Information: Tsukiyomi Ikuto

Anime/Manga: Shugo Chara!
Nickname: Onii-tan
Gender: Male
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Age: 17
School: Senior High School

NOTE: some things below may not be understood by those who do not watch/read the anime/manga. Since this is a Character Information, I have no obligation to summarize the story. Shugo Chara! has already been reviewed. READ HERE

Ikuto appears as a tall and good-looking guy. He usually wears his school uniform. However, in the cases when he is wearing casual clothing, it is most often black, dark blue, or indigo. During character change, he grows a pair of cat ears and tail. In his Black Lynx character transformation, he still has his ears and tail. But, his clothing is changed into navy-colored short top and pants. As Death Rebel, he wears a black suit. As Seven Seas Treasure, he wears a blue pirate outfit complete with the black eyepatch.

Ikuto is generally silent, stoic, cool, and aloof. However, he may also sometimes be naughty and teasing especially to Amu and Tadase. Despite his cold demeanor, he is actually very kind-hearted and selfless. He would go to lengths to protect the people important to him. He is willing to be distanced, misunderstood, and hated as long as he can protect the people he values. Most of all, he wishes to be a free soul.

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His mother, upon marrying someone else after they found her husband's violin in a foreign country and believing that he would not come back, bound her children into working for Easter. Even though he works for the Easter Company, Ikuto actually despises Easter and tries to wrench himself free from them by trying to find the Embryo to grant his own wish. He is in possession of the Dumpty Key. Like his father, he is a skilled violinist.

Yoru is the playful, free-spirited, cat-like guardian character of Ikuto. He was born from Ikuto's desire to be as free as a stray cat. Though he may be a trouble-maker, he is Ikuto's loyal and always helpful friend and companion.

POWER: Character Change
During character change with Yoru, Ikuto gains cat-like reflexes, speed, agility, movement, and even appearance. He is also able to perform the attack Phantom Claw by creating virtual claws.

POWER: Character Transformation
Black Lynx - Ikuto's character transformation with Yoru. His abilities during character change are increased. He is also able to perform the attack Slash Claw.
Death Rebel - Ikuto's character transformation as a result of being under the influence of an X Egg. This represents the darkness in his heart. In this form, he can play violin to take hearts' eggs. His violin can also become a scythe he can use for the attack Dark Night Storm.
Seven Seas Treasure - Ikuto's characters transformation with Yoru and the purified black egg. This represents his freedom. He can use his sword for the attack Emerald Line.

Amu and Ikuto's relationship starts out as enemies because Ikuto works for Easter. However, due to Ikuto secretly wishing to be free from Easter, he often helps Amu out, leading to them becoming closer. They become close friends and they often hang out together. Though teasing most of the time, Ikuto truly loves and cares for Amu. Because of his frequent teasing, Amu initially doesn't believe him when he first confesses to her. However, before he left in search for his father, he once again confesses to Amu and kisses her close to the lips.

Aside from being so handsome and gorgeous, Ikuto is one funny yet at the same time cool character. His mixture of personality while maintaining his general stoic attitude is totally above-average. I have to praise Peach-Pit for a job well-done on this character. Definitely, for me, Ikuto is one of the pluses and major factor in the story-line. I love him so much. If you haven't' read or watched Shugo Chara!, then I suggest you start now. Who knows, you might be the next Ikuto fangirl or Amu-Ikuto supporters! :D