Character Information: Hyuuga Natsume

Anime/Manga: Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy)
Nickname: Guren no Kimi (within the Hana Hime)
Gender: Male
Height: 146 cm
Weight: 34.5 kg
Bloodtype: B
Birthday: November 27
Age: 10 (at the start of the series)
School: Alice Academy, Elementary Division, Class B
Alice: Fire Alice
Alice Type: Dangerous Ability
Alice Shape: Limitless
Star Ranking: Special Star

NOTE: some things below may not be understood by those who do not watch/read the anime/manga. Since this is a Character Information, I have no duties to summarize the story. I will however, one day set up a review for the series.

Natsume is your average elementary boy student. He has raven-colored hair and flaming crimson eyes. He usually wears the standard elementary uniform which consists of A black top with white collars and black boots. This is together with red plaid shorts, the color of the elementary department. He doesn't wear his uniform correctly: not wearing his star, not wearing his tie, opening the coat during winter, and so on. He also wears alice restraining items on each ear. On his left ear it is in the form of a gold plate with dragon carvings, and on the right ear it is in the form of an earring made of blood crystals. Sometimes, during missions or for punishment, he wears a black cat mask as an additional restraint device.

Natsume usually portrays a cool and aloof outward appearance. However, in truth, this is only because he does not want people to get involved with him and cause them trouble. He is actually very kind, caring, and in a most unnoticeable way, helpful to others. In the past, he was more outgoing and often smiled. Only Nogi Ruka knew of this side of him. He only began to be more sociable again, with the influence of Sakura Mikan. He may be quite perverted and loves teasing people.

Natsume's family is composed of 4 alices, including himself. His father is a former student of the school with the Fire Alice, which he and his sister inherited. He still remains unnamed up to this point. His sister, Hyuuga Aoi, also had the Fire Alice before. But, her alice shape was Intermittent and it disappeared when her alice went berserk in the past. Natsume and Aoi have a very close relationship and they care for each other very much. His mother, Igarashi (Hyuuga) Kaoru, had the memory manipulation alice. Her alice was also a dangerous ability type and in the limitless form just like her son, Natsume.

To escape being captured by the government and forced into the academy, Natsume and his family have been moving from place to place all the time. They moved to a village where he met Ruka and saved him from a kidnapper. Both of them were surprised to find out they each had Alices. They easily became friends, together with his sister, Aoi. One time, Ruka stayed over at the Hyuuga's house. The day right after, Aoi became ill with high fever. Natsume desperately searched for a red stone, something Aoi had been mumbling about, with hopes to calm her down if he did find one as a replacement. As he was searching, Aoi's alice went out of control and burnt the whole village. In order to save Aoi, he took the blame for the fire even though it wasn't his fault. This resulted in him having to go to Alice Academy. Ruka went along with him and together, they were enrolled in the academy.

Natsume's fire alice has been categorized in the dangerous ability type due to it's high threat. His alice is also found in the limitless form. This means, that he is able to use his alice endlessly at full power, but in return, his lifespan is shortened. The limitless form is also known as the lifespan-shortening form. Use of his alice damages his health and he is often seen coughing up blood after use of the alice. Using Mikan's Insertion alice, he is also able to obtain the Wish Alice of Sakurano Shuichi, which is compatible to his own. The use of the Wish Alice allows his own Fire Alice to become stronger and take on different variations.

Sakura Mikan - Though they start out with a handful of problems and dislike for each other, it soon becomes more evident that they are falling for each other. Natsume often teases Mikan and loves calling her names. However, he is also very protective of her. He is easily jealous when Mikan gets close to another guy, whether or not Mikan, or the guy in question for that matter, has any romantic feeling for the other. Natsume is not ashamed nor secretive about his feelings for Mikan. He kissed her on the tree during the Christmas Party, after the dance. And, he has hugged her and comforted her in many occasions, with or without company. Though sometimes, he might not show his feelings directly, another evidence in his feelings for Mikan is the fact that Mikan is the only girl, besides his sister, that he calls by her first name.
Nogi Ruka - Natsume and Ruka have been best of friends ever since they first met. Each have seen the other at his best and at his worst. They understand each other very well and share each other's burdens. Ruka has stated on more than one occasion that if Natsume doesn't smile, he will not smile as well and will share his sadness/loneliness. Bringing into consideration the lengths that Natsume will go to help Ruka, it is not impossible that he also is willing to do the same for Ruka. Natsume knows of Ruka's feelings for Mikan, and Ruka knwos of Natsume's feelings for her, too. They are on a friendly competition to win her over. However, there have been instances where it is shown that both boys are willing to give Mikan to the other if it means her happiness. (Natsume is shown willing to give her to Ruka during the time when he and Mikan were stuck together and he tells her, "I'll give you back to Ruka tomorrow."; Ruka is shown willing to give her to Natsume when he says, "I know that Natsume is the person Sakura needs the most, and Sakura is also the person Natsume needs the most.")
Hyuuga Aoi - As siblings, they have a very close relationship. They love and care for each other very much. Natsume's care for Aoi is even more shown clear when he goes as far as to become the dangerous ability type's puppet for the sake of Aoi's safety.
Hijiri Yoichi - Although not emphasized so much, Natsume and Yoichi have undoubtedly a close relationship. Sometimes, Natsume carries him or he sits on Natsume's lap. They are both from the dangerous ability type so they also understand each other well. Yoichi even geos as far as to lead Mikan and the group to help Natsume when he senses that Natsume is in danger.

What I really love about Natsume is, he is so COOL! :D I know, it's not much of a description. The fact that Natsume is so protective and possessive of Mikan is so adorable. It makes me giggle and laugh with delight! He is also my ideal older brother.. if only I had one. :( I like how he helps others without them noticing and how he stands out so much without even trying. I hope you also like him, too! He's handsome, cool, very kind yet outwardly aloof, talented, smart, and has the Fire Alice! (just my favorite element! xD)