Mangaka Profile: Yazawa Ai

矢沢あい (Yazawa Ai)
Gender: Female
Age: 43
Birth date: March 7, 1967
Birth place: Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Notable Work/s: Gokinjo Monogatari, Paradise Kiss
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Fashion, Shoujo

Yazawa has studied in a fashion school but later dropped out. She made her debut with "Ano Natsu" in 1985 carried in Ribon Original early spring issue.
Her pen name comes from Japanese singer Eikichi Yazawa, of whom she is a fan. She has written over 10 series in Ribon. While most of her manga continues to be published in Japan by Shueisha, series like Paradise Kiss now appear in other magazines such as Zipper. Yazawa is a fan of Rumi Shishido and routinely promotes her works in her stories. Yazawa is also close friends with fellow authors Mizusawa Megumi, Obana Miho, and Yoshizumi Wataru.

15-nenme (1986)
Love Letter (1987)
Kaze ni Nare! (1988)
Escape (1988)
Ballad Made Soba ni Ite (1989, 2 volumes)
Marine Blue no Kaze ni Dakarete (1990–1991, 4 volumes)
Usubeni no Arashi (1992)
Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai (1992–1995, 8 volumes)
Gokinjo Monogatari (1995–1998, 7 volumes)
Kagen no Tsuki (Last Quarter) (1998–1999, 3 volumes)
Paradise Kiss (2000–2004, 5 volumes)
Nana (2000–ongoing)
Princess Ai (2004–2006, 3 volumes) (character designs only)

I particularly like the fact that Ai Yazawa's works are very artistic and detailed in art. Besides the good storyline and plot, it has a lot of unique and solid characters, which are brought our with life in their portrayal. But what's another good point is the fashionable clothes of the characters, seeing that her works are mostly fashion-oriented.