Top 4 Advices to New Cosplayers

First, participate in a cosplay activity is surely a glorious things to do, but during this activity, there are 4 important thing we should take into consideration.

1 Take pictures. If you find some cosplayers’ costume is very beautiful and you want to take pictures of them, you should ask them for permission first, especially when you want to take pictures with them. If they do not want you to take pictures of them you should stop. In addition, when you take pictures you should noticed that there are other photographer there you should make sure that you do not interrupt them.

2 Do not judge cosplayers We should know that the cosplay activity is a grand meeting that the cosplayers take part in by themselves, we should know that this activity is not a display show, not a performance. They love it and spend lots time on the costumes. We can see some one’s costume is definitely a cheap cosplay costume, do not say it out or even do not follow them and want show your cosplay costume to them and say that you order them from the on-line shop ( ) and cheaper and better than them. .No matter how they look, it is their interest. We should not judge them in private, in public or on the internet.

3 Talk with the cosplayers If you want to talk with the cosplayers, you should notices whether it is available for them. We know that the cosplayers are exhausted to stand in such a long time, maybe they are tired and do not want stay much time here, or they have other invitation. If they do not want to talk to you, you should not follow them. You know it is really wired followed by others especially a stranger.

4 Pay attentions to the courtesy during the show time. We can see that the cosplay activity is surely attracting millions of people, and also the space is limited, we should observe public order. When the show is going on, do not make a racket. The sponsor is surely rent a room for the clothing changing and makeup. If you want to change your clothing please keep the change room clean. The cosplay activity is public gathering. We all should observe public order. Then we will enjoy the cosplay show.