Gobusters: Just a Few Thoughts

Gobusters has just started and here's what I think:

First the Gobusters.  Woo they have shades.  Also their role call is "It's Morphin' Time" which I find is kind of nostalgic to those who watched Power Rangers.

The mecha are called Megazords?  Well I do have to admit I see a little bit of Zoids here which I am NOT a fan of.  But still... nice designs.

Apparently this "Messiah" (seriously he's not even one) is born from a virus.  Somehow I am reminded of the Venjix Virus in RPM but this one is unique in its own way.  It's too early to know what this being is capable of.  I get reminded of Devil Z from Transformers Masterforce.  What he's capable of doing still remains to be seen.

What do I think?  With Yasuko Kobayashi's talent, I guess she's definitely going to do it well.  Why do I feel this show will be awesome?

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