Totally Crack Pairings for Power Rangers Fans New to Super Sentai

Well this is just an idea that Chris X gave me from this blog entry based on a Zyuranger pairing talk.  Now it's time to explore what could get SUPER CRACK!  For all Power Rangers fans who are new to the original work of Super Sentai, beware NEVER to do these pairings!

Here they are and laugh all you want and I wish you can all comment why these pairings will NEVER work:

The first to think of is Burai x Mei which is totally crack.  While Tommy and Kimberly definitely can work it out in MMPR but these two are NOT Tommy and Kimberly in any way.  Tommy is definitely not a substitute for Burai and Mei is definitely different from Kimberly so this really is a NO-NO in Zyuranger.  Chris X's statement is TOTALLY right- this is one that if you want to get crack, try pairing them but it will NEVER WORK as there is zero basis, no chemistry.  Mei can work out with Geki but definitely not Burai plus his time was short anyway to get lovey dovey with her.  As said, MMPR deviates much from Zyuranger's dinosaur theme so much forget the parallelism between the rangers is NON-EXISTENT.

If Burai x Mei is isn't the only one for Zordon arc fans to crack with, here's another- Kenta Date and Chisato Jougasaki.  One the official pairing is Chisato Jougasaki x Kouichiro Endo and two, Kenta Date is NOT Andros in terms of personality and three Chisato Jougasaki isn't like Ashley Hammond in any way.  Oh did I forget to mention that Megaranger is NOT a space themed show compared to its adaptation Power Rangers in Space?  Again much deviance here.  Groping Chisato doesn't equal he's got her.

For those who saw the Wild Force episode "Reinforcements from the Future" should have seen the pairing of Lucas x Nadira.  However one has to see this- Ayase x Lila is another totally crack pairing.  Why?  Well unlike Nadira, Lila didn't change for the better.

Maybe we can also have Mikoto Nakadai and Ranru Itsuki.  Dino Thunder is unique in its own way so don't bother comparing Trent Fernandez (who is not as tough ass as Mikoto) to Mikoto Nakadai and Kira Ford to Ranru Itsuki.  Personalities are kinda too different.

Hoji Tomasu and Umeko Kodou- If you're watching Power Rangers SPD before seeing Dekaranger, there's the Sky x Syd among fans though they were not an official couple (though they did was change each other for the better and a chemistry was there).  However with Hoji x Umeko, there hasn't been much interaction between them chemistry-wise compared to Hoji x Jasmine (again not an official pairing) though the writer himself could have done so if he wanted.    So I believe this is another good one to avoid.

Gunpei Ishihara and Saki Royama could be another.  Again RPM and Go-onger differ too much so don't even bother.  RPM is dark and Go-onger is wacky- two differently handled series.

Well I wonder who are going next to the list?  This is all about EPIC FAIL!  LOL!  So to all Power Rangers fans who are just so new to the original that is Super Sentai, take your time to learn the difference between the original and the adaptation before drawing any conclusions.

Updated on: February 11, 2012

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