K-On Cosplay Mio Akiyama by Aira

K-On Cosplay Mio Akiyama by Aira Cosplayer, K-On is Japanese Four panel manga about music, and this manga also has been adapted to the 13 episode anime adaptation produced by Kyoto Animation aired in Japan between April and June 2009, this anime about a high school girls named Yui Hirasawa (main character of this K-On Anime) who trying to save the xschool light music club which almost disbanded, at the begining of this K-On Anime Yui Hirasawa has no experience playing musical instruments or reading sheet music, but she has strong will to learn music but she eventually becomes an excellent guitar player. From then on, in this cosplay photo Aira cosplaying as one of the female character of this series, Mio Akiyama, Mio Akiyama is expert on playing bass, and along with Yui Hirasawa, drummer Ritsu Tainaka and another club member always spend their school days practicing, performing, and hanging out together, that sound fun huh ^^.

K-On Cosplay Mio Akiyama by Aira Gallery

Aira Cosplay photo as the bassist Mio Akiyama, Aira...i dont remmember when the last time i post about her cosplay photo, and actually i always love to see her cosplay photo, even if she cosplaying as Ugly character (i think she never cosplaying ugly character ^^") she must be always look cute and sweet, and this time when she cosplaying as Mio Akiyama she has been made Mio Akiyama look even more cuter and more mature, and she has made me can see how Mio Akiyama look like when she wearing swim suit xD (because i dont remmember ever see Mio Akiyama wearing that swim suit, i dont follow this anime too much so may be i miss that), in this K-On Cosplay Mio Akiyama by Aira, Mio Akiyama seem so hawt with that swim suit, shes hawt but not fullgar just seem sweet and hawt, besaid that i love Mio Akiyama swim suit in this K-On Cosplay Mio Akiyama by Aira xD that look good on aira, i got this K-On Cosplay Mio Akiyama by Aira from mon0r.com, visit there when to see another K-On cosplay photo.

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