Character Information: Mystogan

Anime/Manga: Fairy Tail
Real Name: Jellal
Gender: Male
Age: 19-20
Occupation: King of Edolas
Former Guild: Fairy Tail
Magic: Anima, Mirror Water, Sacred Song, Skyscraper, Air, Sleep
Race: Edolas Human
Earthland Counterpart: Jellal Fernandes

NOTE: some things below may not be understood by those who do not watch/read the anime/manga. Since this is a Character Information, I have no duties to summarize the story. I will however, one day set up a review for the series.

When he was first seen, Mystogan's face was not shown. He wore a black coat with most of his body covered in bandages. He has a black hat with a silver forehead protector. The bottom half of his face is usually covered with a green mask that changes design during the series. When his face was reveaed, he has dark eyes, blue hair, and a tattoo on his right eye, exactly like his Earthland counterpart, Jellal Fernandes.

Mystogan is a very mysterious person. He is quiet by nature and rarely socializes. Despite being a reclusive person, he is very loyal and kind to his friends and comrades. He usually does things on his own, and doesn't say much about the things he does. He is very helpful to others, often with the other person not knowing about his help.

Mystogan was the prince of Edolas. He was saved by Pantherlily when he was young and came to Earthland seven years prior to the series. While still not used to the way of life in Earthland, he found a young girl, Wendy Marvell, the Sky Dragon Slayer. He took her in, despite being lost himself, and protected her as they travelled. When he sensed the presence of Anima, he thought it would be dangerous to take Wendy with him any longer. He left her in the care of a guild, Cait Shelter, which turned out to be a guild made out of illusions.

Mystogan supressed Anima and soon joined the Fairy Tail guild. He takes on jobs from the guild, remaining loyal to Fairy Tail despite his distancing himself from its members.

Okay, so I don't really quite understand why I love Mystogan. Maybe I love the part of him where he doesn't interact much with Fairy Tail members but still remains completely loyal to the guild and helps them in their times of need. I like how he doesn't tell people he's helping them but has already done a lot. He's very kind and I love his relationship with Wendy! Aw, now I want to have an older brother like Mystogan... :D

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