Character Information: Loki

Anime/Manga: Fairy Tail
Nickname: Leo, Loke, The Lion, Grown Up Cat
Gender: Male
Key Type: Gold Key
Summoner: Lucy Heartfilia
Former Owner: Karen Lilica
Way of Fighting: Regulus
Contract: Anytime
Race: Celestial Spirit

NOTE: some things below may not be understood by those who do not watch/read the anime/manga. Since this is a Character Information, I have no duties to summarize the story. I will however, one day set up a review for the series.

When first introduced, Loki had short dark orange hair. He wore a green jacket with fluffy white collar, a light red t-shirt, and black trousers. He also wears lightly-tinted sunglasses and the ring which he uses for magic. After he returns to the Celestial Spirit World, he now wears more formal attire. He wears a black suit and tie. However, he retains the sunglasses and the ring. Among the known celestial spirits, Loki has the most human-like appearance. His Fairy Tail member stamp is on his back.

Generally, Loki is very flirtatious with women. He, however, does not take lightly to those who mistreat, abuse, or take advantage of them. He is a very loyal and caring friend. He does not hesitate to sacrifice himself for others. He is very dedicated to Lucy, although he tends to be capricious a

Leo was contracted to the Celestial Spirit mage Karen Lilica in the past, along with another Zodiac Spirit, Aries. He saw how Karen abused, mistreated, and hurted Aries. When she was about to sentence Aries to seven days imprisonment in the human world, he appeared in her place. Leo demanded that the contracts with him and Aries be severed or else he would stay in the humans' world until she did so, easily resisting Karen's attempts at forced closure of his gate. By staying the human world, he prevented Karen from summoning any other spirits, thus being unable to do any other jobs.

Although the pain was torturous, Leo was able to endure the pain and became used to the human world in three months. One day, the master came to visit Leo. He said that Karen died during a mission, thus making Leo the indirect cause of her death. For violating his contract with Karen and causing her death, he was refused permission to return to the Celestial Plane. Soon after, Leo disguised himself as a human named Loki and joined the Fairy Tail Guild as a mage.

What I really love about Loki is that he's just so cute, funny, and very kind! I mean, if he just doesn't put up all those glittering light love proclamations, then he'd be the perfect boyfriend! But anyway, I like how he's so loyal to Lucy and the other celestial spirits. He's one of my favorite characters on Fairy Tail, not just among the celestial spirits. If you haven't read Fairy Tail, I'm sure you'll enjoy your cup of comedy and action when you do. :D

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