The classic image of the Frankenstein monster was defined by Boris Karloff's appearance in the 1931 movie "Frankenstein." Here's a way to make Dr. Frankenstein's monster in your own image that won't have you working in the lab late at night, but will be a graveyard smash. Read on to learn more.

Digging Up Clothes

1.Cut the cuffs off a pair of pants and fringe the pant legs.

2.Take a pair of old tennis shoes, remove the laces, and cut off the tongues and toes. If using platform shoes or work boots for footwear, leave them as is, except to scuff them as needed.

3.Find a pair of green socks and stuff them with cotton batting.

Nuts and Bolts--Child

1.Remove the spout and handle off a one-gallon plastic jug.

2.Paint the outside of the jug green and wait for the paint to dry.

3.Poke holes in the side of the jug near the cut, then thread silver pipe cleaners through the holes, bending and flattening them to look like stitches. Fold the ends flat against the inside and cover with tape so they don't scratch.

4.Gouge holes near the top of the jug and thread bolts through holes so that the bolt heads are on the inside. Secure bolts with washers and nuts.

5.Make two pinholes near the top of the jug and run an elastic cord through them to make a chin strap.

Nuts and Bolts--Adult

1.Measure the circumference of your neck.

2.Cut a two-inch strip of foam rubber equal to the diameter of your neck. Cut a two-inch strip of green cardboard equal to the diameter of your neck plus several inches for overlap and several additional inches to allow for the thickness of the foam rubber.

3.Poke holes in the cardboard to accommodate the bolt threads. Ideally, one of the holes should go through the overlapping ends, so that attaching the nuts and washers will hold the appliance in place.

4.Thread the bolts through the holes, with the threads pointing outward.

5.Glue the foam rubber to the inside of the cardboard, covering the bolt heads.

6.Screw on the washers and nuts.

It's Alive! It's Alive!

1.Don the costume described under "Digging up Clothes."

2.Put on either of the appliances described in the "Nuts and Bolts" sections.

3.Apply green paint to the face and hands (or put on green gloves in lieu of painting the hands).

4.Accent the makeup with brown eye shadow on the eyelids and under the eyes for contrast. If wearing the adult neck appliance, use charcoal gray eyeliner to draw stitches on your forehead.

5.Cover your head (or the headgear, for a child) with a black fright wig. (For a child, attach the wig to the headgear with double-sided tape.)

6.Hold your hands in front of you and walk forward by keeping your legs stiff and rocking from side to side while taking tiny steps and groaning.

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