Kenta Date a TEACHER?

The Megaranger episode really cracked me up to realize that Kenta Date had become a teacher.  Oh boy.  It's just funny in the sense knowing he was a slacker in high school yet int he end, he became a teacher in the same school he caused trouble in.  Talk about funny but realistic.  Yes some delinquents who aren't so bad may become outstanding teachers in the future.

It was nice to see something funny for a change.  Megaranger wasn't a dark season IMO compared to Power Rangers in Space.

The Megaranger tribute does it right.  Well the only what I believe was an unintended Power Rangers shout out was with Captain Marvelous- being an alien and Andros was an alien, and wearing the Mega Red suit.  I'd wonder what the PRIS cast members would think if they saw this episode.  Oh yeah, the Gokaigers were not only from a lost galaxy but were also in space.  Hmmm... but that's just what I think.

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