What I'm Thinking About the Upcoming Gokaiger vs. Gavan

Yes there's going to be a Gokaiger vs. Gavan movie coming for the series.  What do I think?  Well Kenji Ohba despite his age has paid tribute to his older fans (like myself) by appearing in the Hero 199 Battle movie.  As a child, I viewed Gavan on TV as a child and tried to skip homework until the show taught me to do my homework!  Filipinos know him as "Sky Ranger Gavan" in the dubs but that's really Space Sheriff Gavan.  And yeah, it was kinda violent that it had some minor edits like how many Tokusatsu shows back then were edited in part.  Kenji Ohba appeared in many Tokusatsu roles- in Sentai he was Battle Kenya, Denzi Blue and also as Dan's father in Gekiranger (which would be cool for the older fans).

Now here's a little bit of thought- Toei said themselves that certain franchises operate in their own continuity like how Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner actually operate in their own universe' setting.  So how does this happen?  It seems Toei has a retroactive continuity like with Kamen Rider.  For example, Kamen Rider was part of the Shotaro Ishinomori universe and Kamen Rider V3 was mentioned in the JAKQ vs. Goranger specail and later, an actual Kamen Rider-Super Sentai special in Kamen Rider Decade where they met Shinkenger.  How does this mysterious timeline operate?  Hmmm... to be honest, Earth should be destroyed by now if this were not all make believe.  So maybe in one part, Makuu was trying to invade and simultaneously, judging Gavan's 1982 frame, so did Makuu clash with Deathdark?  JOKE.

You can grow up in some way and still have a young heart.  Thank you Kenji Ohba.

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