Fairy Tail Cosplay Mira Jane Character

Fairy Tail Cosplay Mira Jane Character by umm sweet cosplayer ^^, i dont know her name i just found this Ragnarok Online Cosplay Photography by Ahane from AnimeVice and no cosplayer name in there, Fairy Tail is japanese manga which has been adapted in to anime with same tittled, this anime tell story about the world of magician almost all magician in this anime has guild (that just like a online game o.o), this anime has interesting story with full of action and fight but also there is something funny when they fight, in this cosplay photo the cosplayer cosplaying as one of Fairy Tail guild mamber her name is Mira Jane, Mira Jane has long white hair with sweet face, she always act as a weak girls with sweet smile and because of her sweet face she ever become a sweeties magician in flore on a magician magazine, though she always simile actually she is one of strongest member of fairy tail and she can transform into a demon form with greatest demon power.

Fairy Tail Cosplay Mira Jane Character Gallery 

This is one of the most fitting Mira Jane Cosplay i ever seen, but its suck i dont know whos the cosplayer name that why i just can put this to unknown entry but i hope someone can tell me whos the cosplayer name so i can give credit to her, beside that unlucky i only got one of this Fairy Tail Cosplay Mira Jane Character, well i love her hair on this cosplay photo that was awesome look very natural and very close to the Mira's hair on the anime, that also look fit with the cosplayer face, i think the cosplayer has very fit face as Mira jane character (i mean she has fit face as mira jane personality and also has fit body posture, especially i love her expression XD its rarely to see mira jane with that expression), the cosplay costume been made well to on this Fairy Tail Cosplay Mira Jane Character but i think that need more detail on it, i got this Fairy Tail Cosplay Mira Jane Character from AnimeVice.com, its sweet Mira Jane Cosplay from Fairy Tail.

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