Basco Finally Bit the Dust

Finally the biggest SOB of Gokaiger has now bit the dust.  One has to admit that he's the worst nuisance villain ever.

Last we remembered Basco took over the Gokai Galleon and he was almost unstoppable.

However the Gokaigers managed to get even AT LAST.

It's an intense battle between former comrades.  After a dramatic battle...

Basco finally meets his end.  Oh boy, finally he's down!  Well he got what he deserved.  He seems to be at the same level with Radiguet, Long and Abrella.  There goes my favorite Gokaiger villain!

Also there was a cameo from these guys...

Well too bad Red Mask didn't make a cameo.  Oh Sho Hayate gained weight that I could barely recognize him but it was nice for them to make a cameo.  But I was disappointed they dint' have an extended role.  :-(

What the?  Triforce of Wisdom?  Zelda?  Just kidding.  Looks like the finale is just around the corner.  Can't wait to see how it'll end.

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