Super Sentai's Dragon Warriors

In honor of the Chinese new year, I am going to do a review on the dragon based Sentai warriors as they appeared.  They are...

Hiryu Tsurugi/Change Dragon- The first dragon themed red ranger.  He's a pretty emotional individual despite being a responsible leader.

Burai/Dragon Ranger- First sixth ranger of the Super Sentai franchise, first dragon themed ranger to pilot an actual dragon mecha.  He is also Geki's brother, a villain at the start and died a hero in the end.  He could be the template to Mikoto but I could be wrong.

Ryou/Ryuuranger- The second red ranger to have a dragon theme.  He uses fire and lightning attacks.  He has a fiery passion in battle.

Ryunosuke Ikenami/Shinken Blue- He like a dragon can be pretty emotional and unstable as water.  He's also the first blue ranger to have a dragon theme.

Alata/Gosei Red- Perhaps the only dragon ranger who's not as fierce as he has a bubbly personality.  He has the ability to see the true essence of things even out of suit.

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