What is Neuropathy? A TV Discussion

If you want a general idea of what neuropathy is and what some of the rarer types of neuropathy are, this fairly long TV discussion from Doctors On Call, from West Virginia Public Broadcasting may answer some of your questions or explain things you don't already know.

What is bewildering is their complete lack of reference to HIV as a principal cause of neuropathy. Everything else is mentioned but for some reason, the good people of West Virgina are prevented from knowing how neuropathy affects people with HIV! The doctors do refer to neuropathy being an auto-immune disease but the word HIV is never mentioned. There is however, a lot of useful information which may help your particular situation. The video was recorded on december 1st, 2011...go figure!
(Be warned, this is not thrill-a-minute TV - the doctors deliver the facts, not a performance!)

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