Yasuko Kobayashi's Contribution to Sentai

Since I've heard from some of my fellow bloggers that this talented woman Yasuko Kobayashi was writing for Gobusters so I do expect a good work from her no more no less. I'd like to give her credit for her involvement in Kamen Rider Ryuki, Kamen Rider Den-O and Kamen Rider OOO as well.  She's currently doing Gobusters to where she may have taken ideas from both Power Rangers and Super Sentai.

So here's what I think were here contributions to Sentai:

Gingaman is her very first Sentai work after she was involved in Megaranger.  Fantasy Leader calls it his favorite Sentai.  So how do I feel about it? Apparently just in my opinion, Yasuko Kobayashi knows the right recipe for a good show.  It seems that she mixed several ideas with new ones.  For example, it has Flashman influence like the idea of a lost galaxy and the civilian attires of our heroes.  It had a little bit of Zyuranger where the red ranger has an older brother (but he wasn't fought at first) in Ryouma and Hyouga.  Also, the villains were introduced in a pirate motif for the villains, maybe it's what later caused Naruhisa Arakawa to say, "Hey let's do a pirate Sentai." much later.

Maybe Yasuko Kobayashi's most popular work is Timeranger.  Actually Timeranger is pretty much of where the cliche but liked idea of time travel is put to greater work. Four people 1,000 years in the future go to the year 2,000 and meet a man with family problems who becomes their driving force.  Talk about star-crossed!  This was perhaps her darkest work, darker than Gingaman.  This also had some cooperation from Toshiki Inoue.  This show also had a "shock value death" in Naoto/Time Fire being taken out by a mere Zenitto.  The series was well-praised by many.  Also I liked how she managed to make a tribute episode after the final episode which was pretty funny compared to the series in itself.  She later took the idea into Kamen Rider Den-O.

Her third masterpiece is Shinkenger and this series happens to be my favorite masterpiece from her.  Okay some fans say that this is not her best work but it's NOT BAD.  For me, this is an awesome work of hers.  It's not so dark, not so serious and to be honest, it's really her first Japanese-oriented Sentai.  I think she wrote the best Japanese-based theme for Sentai ever.  So what did Shinkenger do?  Apparently it revives some nostalgia in an indirect way like 80s-90s Sentai with modern Sentai like the show in itself had some Maskman references.  The concept of samurais were just teasers in the past until she took the idea and made it a reality in this show.  Basically Shinkenger seems to be where she got a lot of old ideas, mixed them and modified them to this show.  I guess she must have been a fan of Rurouni Kenshin to create a samurai sentai.

In between, she was also the sub-writer for Gogo V and Boukenger according to TV Tropes.

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