Naruhisa Arawaka's Contributions to Sentai

Well I guess it's time to give tribute to Anime writer Naruhisa Arakawa for his quality writing in Super Sentai and let's not forget, he wrote Kamen Rider Kuuga for all you who also like Kamen Rider.  Now it's time to see his contributions to Sentai:

Abaranger was his first masterpiece where he actually does beat Zyuranger and I regret not immediately liking the show.  What were his contributions?  Perhaps they are a happier ending for what could have ended for tragic love (Asuka x Mahoro), a more all around scientist (Ranru), a bad chef who can't see his flaws (Yukito, love that gag) and perhaps that of Mikoto.  Mikoto was a pretty interesting character since his bad boy term was a lot longer than his good guy term... making him more kickass than Burai.  Burai is nowhere near the coolness of Mikoto.  How he handled Mikoto is really radically cool, bad-ass and what I'd call really crazy.

Dekaranger is the next one and perhaps what I'd count his greatest masterpiece of all time.  Compared to traditional Super Sentai, this one is pretty different.  In what way?  Instead of fighting against an entire organization like usual, the main villain Abrella is never known to the Dekarangers until later in the series.  Also instead of having a monster of the week, it's more of the criminal of the week which is unique.  It's sort of like crime, suspense and comedy rolled so well you'd get a totally different season different from most Super Sentai so this is my favorite work from him.

And Gokaiger.  Well Gokaiger is really more nostalgic than Boukenger was for an anniversary season.  Naruhisa Arakawa knows how to handle lots and lots of guest stars with the help of other writers and above all, really created a cast of pretty interesting characters to go with.  Although not my top favorite work of his but still, it's worth the wait with awesome episodes.  Perhaps he also took ideas from other Anime concerning aliens fighting to save the Earth from an invading force as well as One Piece as a loose inspiration.

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