Nerve Problems in the Feet

Today's video (Uploaded to YouTube by DrMichaelGrahamDPM on 1 Mar 2011) is not a good one if you've got a hangover I'm afraid, (with apologies to all reumatologists, neurologists and other specialists who will understand every word!). It's a 'silent movie' or slide show looking at the workings of the nerves in the feet and is fascinating if you wondered what the nerves. muscles and bones actually look like in the feet that are giving you such strange sensations or pain for much of the day. You may not understand much of the descriptive text but can mostly get the gist of what's going on. After six and a half minutes you can probably recognise the connections with neuropathy.
It's another world!

Nerves on the bottom of the foot have to make it through 2 tunnels in order to make it to the spine. Faulty foot mechanics and severely afftect these nerves. Watch this video to learn more about this very condition and to find out about what additional factors can taken to help.

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