Game A-Cho - 98 and 02UM Videos, and Others.

Some new videos were uploaded to the Game A-Cho Youtube channel over the weekend, haven't quite had the chance to start watching the 02UM ones but i did watch most of the 98 videos.

For some reason i always find watching 98 really entertaining to watch compared to other KOF games even though i rarely play it anymore (aside from turning it on time to time to play around with a few combos).

I've always found it a bit strange when watching high level matches why not many players ever seem to max up when they have loads of bars just sitting there? As i seem to remember you do more damage when you are in max mode but i've seen alot of matches where players are just sitting on their stocks.

Judging from what i've seen so far from the A-Cho 98 videos it seems to be the same few guys playing. 



Additionally there have been some new uploads from SMOAI2010 (featuring 98UM and XI), linnesaka (Real Bout 2), and the latest video from DontDropThatCombo KOFXIII Combo Video featuring Maxima.

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