King of Fighters Encounter [iPhone]

SNKPlaymore has just released a new free social gaming app for the iPhone called The King Of Fighters Encounter (developed by Kayac), unfortunately though so far it seems to be limited to the US and Japanese iTunes stores...

From what i have read about it so far it seems to have some kind of streetpass functionality (kind of similar to some games on the 3DS) where if you walk past another person who also has the app it will engage in a battle between both systems.

It looks somewhat like an updated version of Battle Festa which was released earlier in the year for the Japanese mobile phone services.

I'll see if i can figure out some way to work around getting it from the Japanese iTunes tonight, if i can get it to work i'll follow up with a write up. If not then i'll just have to wait until a UK version pops up on iTunes (if ever...).

For now if like me you are based outside of the US or Japan check out these articles/websites for more details:

Kayac Inc. Website

Or if you are one of the lucky people who live in the States and has an iPhone you can grab it for free here from iTunes.

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