Ohranger Nostalgia

Gokaiger's Ohranger episode seems to be another one of a kind episode of a tribute.  It's sad to know that Earth Defense Force has been wiped out.  Oh my, if Commander Ibuki knew of this, he'd probably show up. To be honest, Changeman and Ohranger share a military theme.

So far, I can see the following in it:

Gorou Hoshino is as bad-ass as ever.  It could be something that he fights with Basco.  Although his plain failed, he's really bad-ass.  The picture above somewhat makes me think that he's Ichijou's replacement.  Wow.  Now we've got a far better commander!  Masaru Shishido shows his coolness here!  I guess Hiroshi Miyauchi was beyond reach after the Gokaiger movie- or did his character Chief Counselor Miura retire?  

Momo Marou is also funny with all the menial tasks to distract the Gokaigers.  She has her loyalties to her leader as she allows her crazy tasks to distract the Gokaigers so her leader Gorou Hoshino can finish what he intended to do for that episode.

This has to be VERY funny.  In the end, she gave the keys of the Ohrangers' powers so Basco wouldn't be able to use them.  The Gokaigers do an Ohranger tribute.  But what I find weird is that Gai Ikari has the Kingranger powers though.  Speaking of Gai Ikari, I hope he doesn't die.

It was cool to see them use the Ohranger powers too.  To be honest, I'm reminded of why I stopped watching Zeo and why I like Ohranger better.  

Surprise!  This is how Basco really looks like!  Or not surprising?!  Well I guess he only uses a human disguise to blend in with humanity.  So far, he's the show's COOLEST bad guy yet.

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