KOF-i - Versus Replay Data

Last night on the tube journey home i managed to get a couple of games on KOF-i against Cristina via local bluetooth wireless.

Since it was my first time trying out versus on KOF-i i saved the replays and uploaded them to Youtube.

Although you can't tell from these replays the game has a slight slowdown when played over bluetooth.

From what i remember though about other games i've played over bluetooth also have this issue, but it is still playable and i didn't think it affected gameplay.

It's a shame that online versus wasn't implemented as not many of my friends own an iPod Touch/iPhone and also play KOF. It was quite fun to play against someone on this version of the game.

Also on a semi-related note some things i have previously forgotten to mention whilst doing various writes ups about KOF-i.

Unlike the console version of the game whilst in HD mode if you activate NeoMax it still takes 3 super bars (they changed this to 2 bars in the console version if i remember correctly).

Whilst getting more comfortable with the game and experimenting with more combos, although it should have been immediately obvious, i discovered some combos are not possible due to the simplified special move inputs. (For example certain special moves will always come out as a hard punch/kick version making combos which require the light version not possible.)

I hope that SNKP will continue the support for this version of the game in the future, or at least port the console version on to the 3DS/Vita so i can play it with a d-pad!

Since i'm always carrying my iPod everywhere and rarely have much time nowadays to play consoles at home it's been really great having a portable version of the game, especially on those journeys to and from work where i can mess around in training mode.

More portable KOF please!

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