Some Shinkenger and Rurouni Kenshin Characters Comparison

I would like to do some comparison between Shinkenger characters to Rurouni Kenshin.  Here are the characters I think have Rurouni Kenshin inspiration.  I personally consider the similarities to be there but not so much.

Note: I was inspired by this entry: Similarities between One Piece and Gokaiger

Takeru Shiba to Kenshin Himura- Both are stoic characters with a strong sense of justice and seldomly a dry sense of humor.

Ryunosuke Ikenami to Sanosuke Sagara- Both of them are pretty much hyperactive and have a strong sense of friendship.

Mako Shiraishi to Kaoru Kamiya- Both are hot and are terrible chefs at best that a starving cat won't accept it.  But compared to Kaoru Kamiya, she is far more dignified than Kaoru Kamiya who is loud and brash.  Perhaps her personality was drawn from Tomoe Yukishiro.

Chiaki Tani to Yahiko Myojin- Both are amateurs with a temper.

Kotoha Hanaori to Misao Makimachi- I don't know about this but all I know is that they're short and allies with the hot babe of the show.

Genta Umemori to Sanosuke Sagara- He's another Sanosuke Sagara here considering he's another hyperactive close friend to Takeru Shiba.

Any opinions?  Post, post and post!

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