Keiichi Wada's Older Photos

As Keiichi Wada makes an appearance next week on a Gai Ikari focused episode (I wish the focus episode was on Capt. Marvelous, why couldn't Gai Ikari meet Gai Yuuki?), it should be fun to see his older photos after Dairanger.  I say he's probably the most bad-ass Sentai red ranger actor yet that Jason David Frank would probably want to learn from him. I just wonder if he's married now and who his wife is if he never got married.

Older and now more professional look...

Despite him not getting any younger, he still displays some charisma.

Hey Shinkengers who wants to challenge him?  I bet the Shinkenger class can learn a lot from him.  Oh, maybe the cast of PR Samurai should enroll in his classes too.

With a lot of seniors... too bad I can't identify them all.

Just on stage doing a trio

Who's with him?  Can anybody comment?

He hasn't lost his charm here.  He's got the wackiest shot here.  Only if he and Kenta Satou can show us their moves against each other.

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