The Heaven Hall Dragon, Ryou in Gokaiger!

Gai Ikari (oh please don't leave us so soon like Gai Yuuki did...) has lost his morpher and he learns the meaning of heroism from Ryou of Dairanger.  One can remember Ryou to be in fact, one of the most bad-ass red rangers.  Maybe he's the most bad-ass red ranger of all.  Ha ha.  But IMO he's the most bad-ass.  What's crazy is that the monster of the week Zakruya ate up Gai Ikari's henshin device- reference to Dora Circe in Zyuranger anyone?

I can't deny that although he's already in his 40s, he still has maintained his build and power.  Oh yeah, who did he marry in real life?  Keiichi Wada did fans a great favor by appearing in the Gokaiger movie and in this episode.  What's cool is that he owns a Chinese restaurant.  Oh boy I'd like to eat there someday!

The episode was purely fan service for Dairanger fans IMO.  BTW I wonder what Kou is doing now that he's an adult?  

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