Possible Foreshadowing Events to Kaoru Shiba's Arrival in Shinkenger

Well I decided that it's time to do a little bit of review of Shinkenger.  It may not be long in Power Rangers Samurai before Jayden's secret came out but let's see some allusions of Kaoru in Shinkenger before her final revelation:

Well the first episode did have Mako Shiraishi playing that role of a foreshadowing to Kaoru.  At first, Ryunosuke Ikenami believed that Mako Shiraishi is the red ranger and says that their leader is a female.  It turned out to be that the official red ranger was female by Act 44.

The second allusion to Kaoru Shiba is when Takeru Shiba is accused of being a liar by Zuboshimesi which he is, because he has hid Kaoru Shiba's secret for too long.  In fact, he was a shadow warrior whose job was to safeguard Kaoru Shiba's secret until she learned the sealing character.

Ukiya Seed pointed out also about Takeru Shiba who says he's different from the rest and that they should not protect him is another.  

If I missed any, let me know.

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