Hmmm How Do Go-on Engines Reproduce?

Looking at the Gokaiger tribute of Go-onger (and yeah Sosuke Esumi played a big part) we have the son of Speedor and Bear RV namely...

Machalcon.  Hmmm it was just a few years ago and now Machalcon is a full pledged mecha.  Boy they grow fast.  Maybe time runs different with Go-on Engines.  What if they like pets die earlier most of the time?

Just crazy to know how Speedor and Bear RV ever got married while Sosuke Esumi and Saki Royama never idd.  Sosuke Esumi was last linked to Miu Suto.  Hmmm... this is really a development that should be too funny. LOL this is so much like Disney's Cars movie in a sense.

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