The Basic Concepts Introduced to Shouzo Uehara

Shouzo Uehara, the oldest writer for Sentai.  So it's not fair for me not to give any tribute to him especially that many of our parents watched Goranger and JAKQ.  Aside from Sentai he did Gavan, Sharivan, Shaider and four episodes of Kamen Rider Black.  Woohoo!  Now here's what I think...

Shouzu Uehara's first concept introduced was Goranger the basic five-person team and the first red-green-blue-yellow-pink color coding, human-sized monsters as weekly fodder and yeah the big bad getting his ass kicked.  Also, he had made sure to try and harmonize individual differences in the whole team which became a running theme of Super Sentai.

JAKQ's Big One introduced the concept of an extra member although the idea of starting with four was never used again.  However the idea of a red and pink pairing was used in some series which he intregrated in Gorou and Karen.

Denziman introduced the concept of a transforming robot and an evil queen in the form of Hedrian which wasn't a very used concept in Super Sentai but still popular nonetheless.  He wrote the script of the first villain to show concern for underlings.

Sun Vulcan introduced the concept of a combining robot, only three members which would later introduce the concept of starting with three and using animal themes though no animal-based mecha was ever done.  His writing style involved reintroducing Hedrian for Sun Vulcan.  The idea of using a villain again for a sequel was never used until in some Sentai crossovers.

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