League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Miyuko

League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Miyuko cosplayer as Sona Buvelle, the Maven of the Strings, well i dont play this game but iam sure that Miyuko seem perfect as Sona Buvelle, well there is bit difference on Miyuko face characteristic with Sona image, i think Miyuko has made different image of Sona, Miyuko looks too cute as sona and Sona has more serious face and looks grumpy, but Miyuko has been made Sona more sweet in this League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Miyuko, beside that one of the most i love from this League of Legends Cosplay is Miyuko costume, well Miyuko or another SPCats girls always did great on their cosplay costume, they cosplay costume always made with very high detailed and close to the real one, in this Miyuko Cosplay the dress is look like an acient china dress and with high detailed lace on it, well i think her hair looks like Hatsune Miku hair ^^, Miyuko looks very cute with that hair.

League of Legend Cosplay Photo by Miyuko Gallery

Well this time Miyuko Cosplay as one of League of Legends Cosplay Character Sona Buvelle, because i dont know about this character (and im sure there is many people dont know too) i'll give some information that I got from wiki :D, "Sona uses the stance mechanic. Her basic abilities all have a persistent aura effect which remains for as long as she doesn't activate another ability. Additionally, her auras remain for two additional seconds after changing stances. Each ability also has an activation effect upon being cast. Sona's basic abilities also set off a two second cooldown to the other two basic abilities" well thats it XD. Miyuko is one of my favorites cosplayer because she always look fit with the character she playing (at least for me ^^") well i got this League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Miyuko from www.tumblr.comtaggedmiyukobefore=1332776705, visit there to see another Miyuko Cosplay Photo.

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